Bye-bye America, and Fox too. It was good to know you

What to even say today. I thought Trump was an honest man yesterday as he took on both sides of the violence that occurred in Charlotte. But that apparently took everyone over the moon.

We can’t talk about Antifa. That had become abundantly clear. I am not a racist. But I do treasure our history. The visual of the statute coming down in Durham haunts me. Civil war looms. This will not stand because as Trump said, there will be no end to it. So, I am done with Fox- with the Perino nugget included below. Bye Bye America.

Here is a tweet that sums up the situation:

After we blast Look Out Mtn off the face of the earth, might as well head to GA, start w/Stone Mtn b/c “fragile folks” simply can’t bare it

And to add insult to injury, Fox is now impossible to watch. Am I the only one who saw “Eboni’s” rant against Trump on “The Specialists?” I tuned in yesterday just to see if there was going to be an apology. Just more of the same. Bye Eboni.

And add “The Five.” Now this. Bye Perino.

Fox News New Low: Establishment Mouthpiece Perino Implies Pro-Israel Breitbart a Nazi Site

Fox News viewers were livid after Dana Perino—long suspected to be someone, like Megyn Kelly, who cares more about the opinions of elites in New York and D.C. than Fox News’ viewers—smeared Breitbart News as a site for Nazis on Monday.

It seems like the vapid Fox News host knows less about Breitbart News and the alt-right/new right than the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is saying quite a lot.

Perino lashed out at President Donald Trump on The Five for allowing Nazis and the alt-right to seek “safe harbor under his wing” before adding that “the alt-right doesn’t even believe in the Constitution of the United States.”

“These are people who, through, sites like Breitbart for the last two years come after people,” Perino said. “I thought Nazis were something that we dealt in the past … of course, I knew [there were] like little groups here and there … but that America had a handle on it.”

27 Responses to “Bye-bye America, and Fox too. It was good to know you”

  1. kertsen Says:

    Ripping down monuments is on the same level as burning books and yet we did it when we pulled down Saddam Hussein’s statute. ISIS are good at destroying history if they don’t like it regardless of its antiquity. To me it smells of the past when people were silenced by burning at the stake or throwing into prison.


  2. Adrienne Says:

    I alternate between profound sadness and dangerous rage. How dare them try to take our history away. I may have been born and raised in Minnesota until I was 17 and moved to Texas, but I embraced Texas and the South and my true home.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Sheer madness….and the media off the rails which is equally upsetting. We need to get this stopped and now.


    • bydesign001 Says:

      I am born, raised and still living in Brooklyn, New York. My grandfather is from Florence, South Carolina and my husband’s family from Savannah, Georgia. Political correctness, the mis-education and indoctrination of our children and now this, the destruction of our historical monuments, all of which is nauseating.

      Let’s be honest, this is not about slavery or even black and white, this is about Communists on U. S. soil and beyond erasing our history because they despise us. The fools ripping down our monuments and renaming our streets, two of which were renamed here in Brooklyn yesterday know nothing of this nation and even less of Communism.

      Sign me,
      Mad as hell.

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    I am with you. I am fascinated by the Civil War and the history that led up to it. I have visited several of the battlefields and it is always a very sobering and powerful feeling to stand on this ground. This is a sad history but it is part of our past and I hate to see it wiped out. The one thing yesterday’s press conference showed us is that the media refuses to report about the violence that has been committed by the left leading up to last weekend, it is not an excuse for what happened but you cannot help but notice the double standard.

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  4. Hootin' Anni Says:

    I quit watching all those network news programs long ago!! Now with the VA. riots, I am watching again and not liking it one bit. It’s disheartening…like Trump said in his press conference “With R. E. Lee coming down, what will be next? Jackson? Thomas Jefferson….George Washington?” And the guy who drove into the crowd….it just boggles my mind!!!!!

    Trump was avid in his response to all questions directed to him….high 5. Now that is the man I wanted to see run our country. But, I still have to question his motives and words sometimes, ’cause tho I don’t put the blame on HIM, some are trying to take his words [words of negativity and hate from his mouth at times…campaigning, and now] to heart and think it’s okay to do this? I just don’t know. I’m flabbergasted at all this. And then, another thing, those of us who question and verbalize our innermost thoughts of hating something said by others [left or right], and we disagree, aren’t we at fault too? USA…it’s becoming a 3rd world country in a hand basket. Like I said, I want to just say sometimes….”Stop the World, I wanna get off!”

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I find more often than not, if one listens to the original statements they are taken out of context. That said, he creates his own problems by getting fixating on points better left alone.
      Yep…. and he gets no credit for the things he has accomplished. Often times because he is off on a tangent. But the alternative to have Hillary in the WH is unthinkable. So we shall ride the rocket.

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Now…it seems if you are


    You are automatically

    Alt Right

    And should be beaten to a pulp

    A pro Trump prayer group Patriot Prayer has a permit to gather in San Francisco August 26 in which one of the DemoKKKrat darlings Nancy Pelosi is calling for their permit to be pulled because you know…

    They are White Supremacist just because they want to gather and pray!

    All those groups from Saturday’s fiasco were all DemoKKKrats

    The DemoKKKrats have gone so far off the deep end into extreme far left socialist territory that their own base does not relate to them any longer

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Not looking good…. I think we know where this prayer group happening is going to end. A few bloggers trying to get out the truth will not be enough.. Good news down in Alabama. Why Trump went the way he did confuses me… I guess a gift for McConnell who will do him no good.

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      • hocuspocus13 Says:

        In the past 7 days you have the


        Fighting the

        neo Confederates

        Then just the other day that very same group of BLM and their bused in traveling mob were burning crosses

        Which not only makes them in step with the KKK

        They are the KKK

        The best question I have heard so far is


        They are the most confused bunch of people I have ever read about or perhaps it’s just me…

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      • Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

        I can tell you what they want hp, they want no more whites. That’s the conclusion I have been forced to reach. They are like palestinians and muslims who will not be satisfied with anything but the total eradication of Israel.

        They cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with because their goal is our Country without white people. What else could it be? They’ve been given everything else.

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      • petermc3 Says:

        What do they want is the rhetorical question of the day. They want free stuff…actually more free entitlement stuff. So the white man will have to continue his capitalistic ways in order to produce more entitlement stuff that can be given them for free. Hey, ponder this. Notice that self storage warehouses are mushrooming across the country. Could this be an unintended consequence of people getting so much free entitlement stuff and free entitlement money that people are buying more stuff with than can be crammed into their free and subsidized housing units? Must be cause’ you can’t make this stuff up. 😃

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      • Simply Linda Says:

        I think, Trump went with “Big Luther” to just appease Sessions. My bottom dollar is on Moore, I’m telling you, the folks down there, you try to take the 10 Commandments away, oh wait, the alt left pansies did, and Moore always comes back too a bigger and better following. Just wait and see.

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  6. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  7. Simply Linda Says:

    They are deplorable human beings, no, wait, I’m a deplorable and they are despicable. We did turn the TV on and saw Eboni (and bye bye Bolling, highly doubtful he will back), And I was happy that Jesse Watters stuck up and said his peace, although the other 3 (not including Greg who was sort of supporting) were glaring at him. I suspect Watters will be out soon. We are done with the Specialists and the Five as well (unfort. none of us could find the remote fast enough to change the channel).

    I just read that on Breitbart about Stone Mountain (which, Perino called us Breitbart’s Nazi’s). Sad, sad, sad…and hooray to the President, now that that was the man I voted for.

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  8. petermc3 Says:

    How long before we witness the surrealistic site of a scaffold skeleton encasing the Washington Monument as it is disassembled? Will that precede the closing and demolition of the Jefferson Memorial? The nation’s memory of and memorials to both Washington and Jefferson, slaveowners, will be little different than the former Soviet Union’s obliteration of all things Stalin. The left’s unstoppable steamroller, or blob if you will- either metaphor will do, is crushing and consuming all that is american and americana this progressive (read communist/socialist/marxist) movement, engendered and legitimized by the same constitution it wants to burn, deems worthy of destroying. And while Trump, our last hope, needs to confront and bitch slap this new axis of evil as he did Kim Fat F__k Un, he instead appears to be reacting to a media bent on destroying him; as concerted an effort as is the left’s nation destroying rampage. Have the commies and their sign carrying, bottle throwing useful idiots of every stripe ever stopped to think who will feed them once the capitalist pigs are roasted on the spit? While Stalin murdered 30 million of his own people starvation did in nearly the same number. Do they not understand the logical end of all socialist regimes has always been genocide? Our only hope is that Dan Perino and the rest of the traitors get whats coming to them before they come for us.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Wow…good one. I was thinking of Mao as well during their purge. Are we the only ones that understand where this leads to? This story always has the same ending. The Durham statute take down is the pivot point and I doubt few recognize it. The war has just begun. How depressing.

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      • petermc3 Says:

        Yes. And kudos to Pol Pot, Fidel and Raul, Chavez on a smaller scale along with the African petty strong men we support with foreign aid and charities while they starve their people. At least the muslims won’t starve you , they just lop off one’s head.

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