The Sad Saga of the Media

Ours is a diseased media – Guest post by Mustang who also spins some great tales at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

You know, if this wasn’t pathetic, it might make you laugh aloud. Recently, the New York Times claimed to have leaked a ‘secret’ gloom and doom climate change report; one that President Trump was trying to keep away from the public. Included in the article was the ever-present sniping at anyone who hasn’t swallowed the Gore lies and distortions. Now …um … the British scientist who completed this report wonders, how could the New York Times leak a report that was available to the public since the study went through the review process?

Is this an example of shoddy journalism, a careless attempt at fake news, or is it the very best example of leftist humor?

I would love to be able to peek under the covers, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you love to know who and what are behind these slapdash attempts to smear President Trump and/or his administration? Don’t you love all my conspiracy theories, noting of course that if people are out to get you, then you aren’t paranoid?

Why would the NYT (ostensibly responsible to profit-motivated stockholders) waste ink and space on such a dumb article/accusation as this? Particularly one so easily debunked. I think the answer is that it doesn’t matter. Someone is paying them to do it. I have no idea what the costs are of doing this, but I do know that a full-page advertisement in the NYT costs $150,000 (if done in black and white) —and you know, that is such a paltry sum of money to someone like Georgie Soros, or any number of other communist rats.

What I would love to see happen is someone from the Washington Examiner or New York Post do an expose on the behind-the-scenes antics of the American left. Tell us what happened, who is paying for it, and then let us be done with this mish-mash about how journalists on the left are really looking out for America’s best interests.

It is long past the time for Americans to begin holding the news media responsible for their nonsense. Why have we allowed the NYT to get away with such things as: plagiarism, failure to print the truth about famine in the Ukraine, or the Duke University Lacrosse fiasco, or delayed publication of the NSA’s warrantless surveillance of the American people?

I think it’s a market-share game that results on the print media preying upon its readers. As a case in point, the NYT printed stories on fashion news that was actually promoting its advertisers. Admittedly, no one has ever accused the New York Times of honesty.

I believe the NYT already knows that the number of people who read their rag is but a small percentage of the overall population (estimated between 650,000 to just over one million —in a city of just under 9 million inhabitants), but those who do read it are addicted to leftism and they’ll keep coming back for more —no matter how dishonest the stories are. Similarly, CNN and MSNBC pander to a peculiar audience, which is to say people sufficiently stupid to buy into communist social policy, and as equally senseless in buying products offered by their advertisers.

Well, to summarize, these are the millions of Americans who have long warmed to the idea of forgiving women who flush their babies down toilets. The way I see it, they are beyond redemption. Finally, in speaking about journalists, my good friend Kid” put up a video the other day. In the video, a Russia’s foreign minister enters the press room and prepares to answer questions. Before he takes his seat, however, American [ita non sit vox designativa] Reporter Andrea Mitchell begins to screech out questions. Perturbed, the foreign minister asked if her behavior was an example of her up-bringing. Good for him!

The video caused me to look more closely at Mitchell. My conclusion is that she is woefully unqualified to do the job for which she is being paid. She has a degree in English Literature, and while this may confirm her literacy, she is still as dumb as a box of rocks. If you wanted to get someone to respond to questions, and if those answers were ever to end up as a headline, then wouldn’t you want to approach that person with politeness? This incident, by the way, makes me wonder if the Russian foreign minister ever again allowed Mitchell back into the press gallery.

I hope not.

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