Mika Brzezinski said “My parents found me very difficult to educate”

Amazing isn’t it? Donald tweets about low I.Q. Mika and what should we find? Mika had admitted that she was “very difficult to educate.” I guess the Donald wasn’t so far off.

More than one way to get into college

In March of 2012, co-host Joe Scarborough revealed on the show that Brzezinski’s brother once jested, “You know… Mika had the lowest SAT scores in the history of Williams College.”

 In 2012, a New York Times reporter noted that Brzezinski’s older brother and mother “have taken great delight in announcing publicly that” her “SAT scores were the lowest of any student ever accepted to Williams College.”

Brzezinski replied:

What you’re hearing about is mostly joking. But my parents had very high standards academically, and my brothers were in a lane that my father could understand and be proud of. They were intellectually far superior to me. My parents found me very difficult to educate.

When asked how low her SAT scores were, Brzezinski said, “You’re not getting that out of me. I told my daughter the other day, and she was like, ‘Wow, you better not tell anyone, Mom.’’’


30 Responses to “Mika Brzezinski said “My parents found me very difficult to educate””

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  4. John Liming Says:

    The obvious could never have been better displayed.

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  5. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Dang….now y’all got me wondering just where I can find listings of SAT scores for Williams College. There’s gotta be somewhere to find out. Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

    Even her kid said to keep it ‘secret’.

    Thank goodness I don’t have cable anymore. And I don’t miss it one iota.

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  6. bydesign001 Says:

    In other words, POTUS45 nailed it again.

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  7. JCscuba Says:

    And she differs from the rest of the air heads that pose as media journalist exactly how?

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  8. Always On Watch Says:

    Wow! Mika actually is stupid.

    So, what does she bring to Morning Joe? Her smirks and sighs. Before she was smirking and sighing about Trump, she was whining about her family.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      And we are to believe its up to her to give us “the real news.” What a joke…. So stupid she lets us all know how stupid. The rolling of the eyes, too much.


  9. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    I’m very happy to say I’ve never watched their show. I’ve watched clips, but can only force myself to endure a few seconds. When Mika starts talking my eardrums burst and my eyes explode – she is that dumb.

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  10. Simply Linda Says:

    I would never brag about my SAT scores or lack of…which, honestly, I cant remember it…since I am a “displaced homemaker” aka over a certain age-I didn’t need my SAT scores, my current GPA helped getting into a good school to finish up.

    I am so eagerly awaiting your post, Bunk…there is plenty of info out there about the intern, wink.

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  11. Mustang Says:

    “My parents found me very difficult to educate,” said the near-illiterate nob … at which time the old southern lawyer smirked as he turned away from the witness-stand saying, “The prosecution rests, your honor.”

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  12. petermac3 Says:

    It’s now confirmed, she is a dumb f__k.

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  13. hocuspocus13 Says:

    I do wish…

    Someone would write about their sordid affair with each other

    Cheating and Sneeking around on their spouses

    I read that he has to pay his now ex-wife big bucks in hush money!

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