Drumbeat for Mike Rodgers for FBI Director starts, another swamp rat

All one has to do is google “Rodgers for FBI Director” and what appears is the drumbeat Trump considers former Rep. Mike Rogers for FBI Director: report …thehill.com/. Here is why this is a terrible possibility.

Nothing smells worse than the word on the street that Mike Rodgers is up for the FBI Director position in the Trump administration. Much of this post I did back in 2014 but the stench isn’t any better today.

If there is any question about the faux Benghazi report that came out from the Intelligence Committee under the less than esteemed Chairman Rodgers, let me answer by looking at the cast of lying weasels that played a part in this. The is the fine fellow who buried the Benghazi facts.

Published on Nov 24, 2014

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning that last week’s the House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi report, which hollowed out a number of Republican arguments on the incident, was “full of crap.”

H/T:Right Scoop with video

Let’s take a look first at Rodgers wife and just who she is and see if we can connect the dots. First as a CEO of a Defense Contractor and then hired by a lobbying firm.

 Just who Chairman Rodgers wife and her role in D.C?

CNN Transcripts” -(Full transcript at link)

GRIFFIN: Want an example? Take Kristi Clemens Rogers.

Four years ago, she married the powerful chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers.

Up until 2012, she was also the CEO of the American branch of Aegis, a defense and security contracting firm, where. according to her new employer, the law firm, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, Kristi Rogers successfully developed and led a two-year pursuit and capture strategy to win a five-year, $10 billion contract under the Department of State’s Worldwide Protective Services program.

And, yes, it’s an area her husband’s committee has Congressional oversight, making sure diplomats and their staffs are properly protected.

She is not a registered lobbyist. She just happens to work for a firm that does extensive lobbying, and on its Web site, touts its “strong relationships in Congress” with a “solid record of success in securing legislation and federal funding on behalf of clients.” NYHART: And it’s this kind of conflict of interest that leads to this deep distrust.

GRIFFIN: What we are told constantly by the members is, I never talk to my spouse about this issue.

“I never talk to her on this business. There’s a firewall between me and my sons who are lobbyists.”

GRIFFIN: And the fortunes go both ways. Mike Rogers’ wife, Kristi becomes CEO of defense contractor, then is hired by a lobbying firm.

Rogers becomes chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and according to the Federal Election Commission, political donations from the defense industry quadruple, all legal, all within the rules, all routine in the family business of Washington.

Joe diGenova tells WMAL GOP Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-8) is trying to kill Benghazi Investigation

Posted on 3/10/2014 

Speaking with Larry O’Connor and guest host Christine O’Donnell, Joe diGenova tells WMAL that GOP Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-8) is trying to kill the Benghazi Investigation.

It is so bad, that even John Boehner has taken Mike Rogers to task for his lack of action.


13 Responses to “Drumbeat for Mike Rodgers for FBI Director starts, another swamp rat”

  1. teelee2013 Says:

    All I do these days is shake my head.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      It is very disturbing as it seems almost impossible to drain the swamp.


  2. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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    • bunkerville Says:



      • Brittius Says:

        You’re welcome.


  3. Mustang Says:

    How lucky we are to have a consistent government; otherwise, we would not know what to expect from the blighters.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      The Merry-go-Round goes round and round… never to stop. Funny, I don’t see anything in the news about this.


  4. petermac3 Says:

    Gee, he would seem over qualified for the job except that he has no relitives working for Iranian intelligence. But then his wife’s dossier definitely puts him over the top. As for negligene contributong to the Benghazi coverup,, paraphrasing the world’s smartest woman, who gives a shit. Mike Rodgers is, hands down, the right swamp rat for the job.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      They tried to get him in as CIA Director…. this should work even better.


  5. Simply Linda Says:

    Yep, another dirty rat. Didn’t we already discuss Rogers once before? Or was that for another job? lololol—I’m for Ted Cruz, HOWEVER, I think it has to be someone from the outside, not inside. Mcabe (current acting FBI Director) has to go, he is in the news stating Trump has to apologize to the men and women of the FBI. FIRE HIM IMMEDIATLY. Just saying.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      You have a good memory! Back in November his name was bandied about as CIA Director and posted a lot of this. They are determined to put the rats back in.

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      • Simply Linda Says:

        shaking my head…didn’t he deny the real story about Benghazi?

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      • bunkerville Says:



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