Trayvon Martin to get Aeronautical Science degree posthumously

I for one have had enough politics. So let us go to the absurd and polish off this week knowing we can be secure that our next generation of fruit loops who attend college are in good hands. The only flight Trayvon ever took was getting high on his drug of choice.

Florida Memorial University will present a bachelor’s of aeronautical science May 13 to Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Trayvon Martin died in 2012 after neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot him during an altercation. (Ed: Zimmerman was found not guilty of any crime.)

“The University will confer upon TRAYVON MARTIN a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Education, in honor of the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot,” the school’s statement read.

Martin wanted to become a pilot or learn how to fly planes, the Tampa Bay Times reported earlier.

“As we approach 50 years in Miami Gardens, this commencement holds a special place in all of our hearts…Of special significance is awarding posthumously the Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation to Trayvon Martin,” Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, president of Florida Memorial University, said in a statement.

H/T: Daily Caller

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