GOP leaders dropping funding for border wall

In an almost unbelievable move, Paul Ryan apparently concedes there will be no money in the budget vote coming up later this month for a border wall. To quote The Hill:  “And some Republicans are concerned that deteriorating relations with Mexico may be too high a price to pay for the wall.” – the funds will come at a later date.  How about the price for American well-being, eh Ryan? And of course we have McCain with his take: at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) expressed concern to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly about a growing resentment in Mexico over the administration’s border policies.

Here tis:

Federal funding for one of President Donald Trump’s premier policy proposals may be excluded from the House GOP’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

House Democrats, along with a few House Republicans, are working around-the-clock to make sure funding for the estimated $12 billion border wall is not factored into the GOP budget, according to a report by The Hill.

“With Democrats united against new wall funding, it’s unlikely the Republicans have the votes to get it through and prevent a government shutdown,” The Hill report stated.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

More at Breitbart


16 Responses to “GOP leaders dropping funding for border wall”

  1. MSNBC: Border Wall a Problem Because Birds and Bats Might Not Be Able To Fly Over It | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] GOP leaders dropping funding for border wall April 12, 2017 bunkerville […]


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    This is not surprising, we know the establishment on both sides are for illegal immigration albeit for different reasons. I thought the money was already allocated but never spent so I do not understand why we cannot spend the money which was already there.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree. I thought it was funded… but let the Dems shut the government over this.

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      • Steve Dennis Says:

        I think they should let the Democrats shut down the government as well but we know they do not have the guts to do it because they know the MSM will spin this. I think it is time for them to stop caring about how the MSM portrays them because no matter what they do the media will be against them. Knowing the media is against them no matter what they do what do they have to lose by pushing their agenda?

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Agree Steve… and get rid of the rules… Reid and Pelosi knew how to do it.


  3. Mustang Says:

    Once more, Ryan shows his colors … which are anything but red, white, and blue. It would seem to me that the wall could be funded by reducing massive amounts of foreign aid funding, all of which is a criminal waste of American monetary resources. While considering creative funding for the wall, we might also consider closing down a few federal departments: EPA, Education, Government Accounting Office, IRS, FEMA, NSA, DHS, USDA, and NASA. I’m not saying that these agencies have no role in our government, only that their role is overblown and wasteful. Point: the education department requires no more than 100 employees to administer federal plans and programs. Why? Because education is not an enumerated power and clearly belongs to the states and to the people.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes indeed. I say let the Dems shut down the government over the wall. That will finish them. Call their hand. But then again, we know they are all in the tank together,


  4. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    Very disheartened, I recognized some time ago that there aren’t two parties, there is only the UniParty. It doesn’t matter whether dems or reps are in control, the UniParty-Globalist-Wall Street agenda continues. At that time, I realized these people don’t care about the citizens of the US; they don’t care about the Constitution; and they don’t care about the Country as we do.

    We cannot effect the change needed using our opponents and our opponents’ rules.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Well said Laura.. If there is any energy left, I would love to see most of them primaried. We got Cantor…. but we may have reached the pinnacle of success.


  5. geeez2014 Says:

    How’s about our ‘growing resentment’ of paying for millions of illegals and getting no help from Mexico? Why’s THAT not matter, Mr. McCain, you jerk.

    As for Ryan and the wall….all I see is WE WON the house, the senate and the presidency and we’re doing a FABULOUS job of screwing ourselves over with our constituency. Bravo, Republicans, you are doing it again! Here we’d always criticized the Left for making big political promises and not following through. Little did we know we could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat so much better than they have.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Interesting that Pelosi and Reid could always find a rule to get around whatever the GOP tried to stop…. even when we controlled the House.. change the rules guys….


  6. Just Simply Linda Says:

    Hey McCain, who in the bleep cares Mexico is angry!!!! The American folks are fed up with you folks!!! How about us, huh McCain?

    Ok, I feel better now, I saw this the other on Breibart. 👍

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Senile old fool…. he has been prancing about Europe most of this month with his boom boom bomb bomb Iran screed

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  7. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Then the primary goal becomes exclusively to enact Constitutional Carry. GOP remains, the main enemy and traitor to America.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks…. yes they are and this proves it once again… message not received apparently

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      • Brittius Says:

        You’re welcome.


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