Vermont Democrats elect terror-linked FBI investigated Muslim as party chair

When I first caught this story I thought I had picked up some sci-fi thriller set in some far distant planet. But now, the inconceivable is now becoming common place. So this fellow now heads up the Vermont Dem party after a stint as a GOPer.. do catch the full read An FBI-Investigated Islamist Takes Over the Vermont Democrats | Frontpage Mag – Daniel Greenfield. It won’t disappoint:

Vermont Democrats have something else to celebrate besides the creation and failure of the first statewide socialized medicine system in America. Recovering from that glorious triumph, Vermont Democrats have elected their first Muslim state party chairman. Back when Gill was playing a Republican, left-wing media outlets like @Salon were willing to report on his troubling Islamist ties. Not so much now.

The lucky fellow is Faisal Gill who called his victory a rebuke of President Trump. “To have a Muslim and immigrant to be the state party chair sends a really strong message to Trump and his type of politics that this is not where the country is at.”

Gill’s election doesn’t send much of a message about where America is at. But it certainly sends a message about where the Democrats are at.

When revelations first emerged that Faisal Gill had been under FBI surveillance, he blamed Islamophobia. When Snowden’s enemy espionage operation exposed national security documents which were published by left-wing terror apologist Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept, a site whose former writer is now charged with some of the terroristic bomb threats aimed at Jewish centers, Gill’s email appeared on a list of alleged terrorist suspects and supporters, including Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Back when Gill was playing a Republican, courtesy of Grover Norquist, left-wing media outlets like Salon were willing to report on his troubling Islamist ties. But Faisal Gill has been reborn as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison. The left has become a warm and moist safe space for Islamists. The Salon article which Gill blamed for many of his problems would be nearly inconceivable today. Could anyone really imagine a leftist publication today describing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror nexus?

Faisal Gill had neglected to mention that he had worked for the American Muslim Council. The AMC was another front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Its founder, Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, was sent to prison due to an investigation into his involvement in a terrorism plot. Al-Amoudi had been both blatant in expressing his support for terrorism, particularly Hamas, and the need to conceal it.

The policy director for the intelligence division at the Department of Homeland Security had worked for an organization with terror ties. And he had failed to disclose his linkages to that organization.

Read it all at Frontpage and as noted in the already linked article above:

As the author of that article, Mary Jacoby noted at the time:

“The ties among Alamoudi, the Muslim Brotherhood andGill help explain why officials are concerned about whether Gill was adequately vetted. These relationships are difficult to understand without immersion in the indictments, court transcripts and case exhibits; the concerned officials said they fear that busy political operatives in the administration simply do not grasp the national-security issues at stake. “There’s an overall denial in the administration that the agenda being pushed by Norquist might be a problem,” one official said. “It’s so absurd that a Grover Norquist person could even be close to something like this. That’s really what’s so insidious.” 


16 Responses to “Vermont Democrats elect terror-linked FBI investigated Muslim as party chair”

  1. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Vermont Democrats elect terror-linked FBI investigated Muslim as party chair […]



    Sign of the times. All prepare to bow toward Mecca because the day is surely coming if the political correctness nerds don’t get their heads out of their (insert your own word here.)! Remember the Islamic promise to see their own flag flying above the White House. With all the infiltration taking place that promise is probably not too far off from fulfillment at this point in the game. They might be fooling some blind fools but they are not fooling me.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    I have to believe they are doing this to spite Donald Trump, clearly they are not thinking straight. In the end I think the left is going to go too far with the anti-Trump rhetoric and it will end up costing them.

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  4. teelee2013 Says:

    Off subject, but not….have you read anything about the Pope allowing Muslims to pray in Vatican City and for the Quran to be read out loud there? I don’t know if it’s “fake” news or not. Inquiring minds (mine) need to know! I agree with Linda…we are being slowly and carefully infiltrated.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    There is nothing particularly patriotic about the Democratic Party, unless of course, you are speaking about the former Soviet Union or present-day China. What works best for Islamists is whatever will accelerate the destruction of the United States.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I have been blogging since 2009. Numerous posts were done warning of their intention to infiltrate every aspect of our government. In those days, I wore my tin foil proudly. Now there is no need to wear it at all. It is all coming to fruition. Mostly in the lsat 8 years..

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  6. Just Simply Linda Says:

    {{{thunk}}}–infiltration is becoming common now…hey, did you see that FOX News has sidelined Judge “Nap”–yep…they have taken him off the air because of his comments about British Intelligence and Obama…you know…I have had about enough of these pansies…especially Shep. Smith who was really nasty the other day (well, when isn’t he?). JMO, but I think the story is true–and the Judge nailed it, 100%. Should he of said it, maybe not…but, the folks gotta’ wake up. Talk about caving into the government, FOX has done it.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Shep needs to go… tired of him. WND: with a mug shot of him
      Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith will go unpunished for what police say was aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

      On Friday, Nov. 17, during the Florida presidential election fiasco, Smith was arrested for allegedly driving his car into another reporter who was standing in a parking space she attempted to save for a friend. The victim, freelance journalist Maureen Walsh of Tallahassee, was hospitalized and released later the same day with bruises on her knees and legs.


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  7. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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