EPA Strikes! Dangerous yeast in bread, Alaskans told no more burning wood

The little elves at the EPA have been working their little fingers to the bone as theyelf realize their holiday season is quickly coming to an end no doubt on January 20. Here are the latest gifts given to us. The dangerous pollutants of yeast will be addressed no doubt bringing the cost of bread to “rise” and better yet, Alaskans are under the gun regarding wood burning. Here tis:

The Environmental Protection Agency is targeting a key ingredient for making pizza and bread in its latest last-minute regulation before President Obama steps down.

breadThe proposed regulation published Wednesday would make the emissions standards for industrial yeast makers much more strict.

The proposed regulation published Wednesday would make the emissions standards for industrial yeast makers much more strict. …

The cost of complying with the upgraded standards could be passed down to consumers. The yeast manufacturers must install a number of new monitoring technologies under the proposal to track the amount of hazardous pollutants that are being emitted to significantly control them. …

The agency calculated that the total annualized costs for meeting the proposed emission rules would be $172,000 per year. The estimated per-year compliance costs range from $16,000 to $109,000 per facility, which EPA brushed off as minimal. More at Washington Examiner

Then we have the EPA thinking that Alaskans need to find a better way of staying warm:

EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm

In Alaska’s interior, where it can reach -50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, the EPA wants people to stop burning wood. But it’s just about their only feasible way to stay warm….Snip…

wood That prompted state and local authorities to look for ways to cut down on pollution from wood-burning stoves, including the possibility of fining residents who burn wood. After all, a declaration of noncompliance from the EPA would have enormous economic implications for the region, like the loss of federal transportation funding.

The problem is, there’s no replacement for wood-burning stoves in Alaska’s interior. Heating oil is too expensive for a lot of people, and natural gas isn’t available. So they’ve got to burn something. The average low temperature in Fairbanks in December is 13 degrees below zero. In January, it’s 17 below. During the coldest days of winter, the high temperature averages -2 degrees, and it can get as cold as -60. This is not a place where you play games with the cold. If you don’t keep the fire lit, you die. For people of modest means, and especially for the poor, that means you burn wood in a stove—and you keep that fire lit around the clock.

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38 Responses to “EPA Strikes! Dangerous yeast in bread, Alaskans told no more burning wood”

  1. teelee2013 Says:

    We need the EPA to go away and let each state handle their own environmental issues. DOE too….just a start!

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    You can’t BURN WOOD? this verges on insanity………

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  3. Always On Watch Says:

    Note this from the article about regulations on yeast manufacturers: The EPA is issuing the proposed rule because of a lawsuit it lost in federal court brought by the Sierra Club, claiming that the rule from the 1990s needed to be updated under the Clean Air Act.

    Yet another overreach of executive power!

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  4. mcnorman Says:

    Why not relocate the EPA to one of those little chilly areas? I say let them heat the place up with their obnoxious hot air!
    Happy New Year to all!

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  5. petermc3 Says:

    Re New York. Andy’s flower power will be the order of the day for quite a while longer. The five boroughs of NYC, that elected a card carrying self proclaimed communist for mayor of the world center for banking, finance and commerce, get to decide what people outside their commune can or can’t do. It would be mind boggling to think that son of face brute is untouchable after the late great Bob Grant lead the charge to have his father Mario dethroned in 1993 if we didn’t know thanks to another great one, Dr Michael Savage, that liberalism is a mental disorder. Its too bad that NY State’s elections aren’t decided by an electoral college. NY State is a prime example why we need more than ever the electoral college to protect us from the popular vote in the presidential election. Fat ass grandma Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million due to a 4 million vote lead in California. Nuff said about that.

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  6. Sparky Says:

    Our only defense, other than open gunfire, is non-compliance. Plus, I’m tickled to see just how they’re gonna enforce the not burning wood thing on heavily armed Alaskans? 99.9% of them are crack shots and there’s LOTS of wilderness up there. Hmmmm …

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  7. Just Simply Linda Says:

    I agree, Bunk…they have no idea what it takes to survive…most of those folks make 6 figure incomes. I feel bad for Trump, he is inheriting a big mess.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, but in bad times we will survive. We have been there, done that. They will be gone in three days…. about as long as one can go without water.

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      • Just Simply Linda Says:

        that is true…must of us (except the snowflake generation, minus my son) can live off the land and know how to barter and trade, and live without electronics. We have been living on $20,000 a yr since hubby retired, most of those gvt. folks don’t have a clue on what it takes to live within ones means…just saying, wink.

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  8. Steve Dennis Says:

    Yikes! Good find on this one, they snuck it in under the radar as usual. It really can not end fast enough!

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  9. petermac3 Says:

    Non-compliance is the way to go. With 18 days left the Reichsfuerer and his henchmen will be out inthe cold before they can send out their goon squads to liquidate wood burning felons and yeast polluters. We survived Nixon’s Russian Wheat Deal we can survive this Indonesian interloper’s assault on the staff of life.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Wow, that was a memory flashback. Nixon’s wheat deal. I had a vague recollection, but you are on the job.
      The great grain robbery was the July 1972 purchase of 10 million tons of United States grain (mainly wheat and corn) by the Soviet Union at subsidized prices, which resulted in higher grain prices in the United States.[1][2] Grain prices soon reached 125-year highs in Chicago. In a 10-month span, soybeans went from $3.31 to $12.90 a bushel. Food prices around the world rose 50% in 1973. The U.S. government spent $300 million.

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    • StBernardnot Says:

      They won’t send out goon squads. The local popo will do it or lose federal funds. Local popo becomes the problem.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        I think if they take the locals fire there will be a revolution. But then again, there may be one anyway if this nonsense doesn’t stop soon.

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      • petermac3 Says:

        Let’s send Clooney, Penn, O’Donnell, Goldberg, Bahar, Springsteen, Baldwin, DiCaprio and the Sheen family up there with a pen and a phone. Talk about less pollution… Might as well throw in Mooch, Biden and a couple of female Clintons. Bubba and Zero can stay behind; they’re funny🤑

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  10. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I believe the issue is the wood burning boilers. I have been looking into wood burning stoves and here on Long Island, NY, the stove must be non-catalytic EPA approved. All different opinions flying around, from better burning and greater coal beds longer, to ice cold stoves and little if any heat. Power outages here makes an alternate source of heat, a necessity. As usual, the EPA steps into something they do not belong in. I am surprised the EPA people do not disappear when going into remote areas to make their trouble. Buy a backhoe and bury the car, too.

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  11. Adrienne Says:

    Bread is already so overpriced it’s a good thing I’m going to go completely wheat free. I’m only half way there now.

    I’ll think kindly of the EPA when I fire up my wood stove in a few hours. Our electric bill would be at least another hundred dollars per month without our wood stove.

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