Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm

Samantha Power. One dangerous woman who voted the infamous abstention vote regarding Israel at the U.N. This is a reflection of Obama’s sentiments as well. Let us not forget. I have posted ad nauseam about how dangerous she is. If we want to know why the gasoline was just thrown on the fire in Israel, it was she who has been lighting the fire throughout the entire Middle East, especially Libya.

Three women who brought us the new long war in Libya, 2012 Bunkerville. For how Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton broke the Middle East into a million pieces.

Commentary Magazine: (An excellent piece, well worth the full read on our gal)

 In a 2003 article for the New Republic, Power:  “The U.S,” she wrote, “came to be seen less as it sees itself (the cop protecting the world from rogue nations) than as the very runaway state international law needs to contain.”

Power wrote that America’s record in world affairs had been so harmful to the freedoms of people around the world that the United States could remedy the problem only through profound self-criticism and the wholesale adoption of new policies. Acknowledging that President Bush was correct in saying that “some America-bashers” hate the American people’s freedoms, Ms. Power stated that much anti-Americanism derives from the role that U.S. power “has played in denying such freedoms to others” and concluded:

U.S. foreign policy has to be rethought. It needs not tweaking but overhauling….Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors. When [then German Chancellor] Willie [sic] Brandt went down on one knee in the Warsaw ghetto, his gesture was gratifying to World War II survivors, but it was also ennobling and cathartic for Germany. Would such an approach be futile for the United States?

Who is Samantha Power, Irish Pro-Palestinian Activist (see also Ed Lasky, American Thinker) -a good piece on the danger to Israel.

In 2002 Samantha Power made a statement, calling for a U.S. military invasion of Israel. Full transcript available at the youtube site.

For more Obama Adviser Samantha Power on solving the Israel – Palestine Conflict 

One thing is clear: The sudden emergence of Obama’s National Security Council Advisor, Samantha Power, and the “new theory” she is using as justification for action in Libya, has very serious implications for future military action against Israel. As John Podhoretz explains in the New York Post, the “reason” behind the Libyan military strike is not the traditional justification of “protecting the national interest.” It is a “new” standard called “R2P” or “right to protect.” This concept is being promulgated by the “one-world” order activists at the United Nations, like Samantha Power.

18 Responses to “Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm”

  1. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm […]


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    We have said it several times now but this last month has shown us how dangerous the Obama regime really is! I think part of it is him trying to throw quite a bit at Trump before he takes office in order to slow him down.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, we have been saying his last days would be the most dangerous and we sure were right weren’t we. I don’t like this Russian thing at all. Tin foil and all, would he start a war? Not sure he is such a nasty man. Then again, he may have been upset that Trump was getting so much attention. Narcissists have that problem. I think what you suggest is part of it for sure.


  3. petermac3 Says:

    Off topic: NYC announced Sihk officers are now allowed to wear turbans and grow beards. No biggie though since female Muslim officers wear the hijab on duty. Following this logic shouldn’t African American officers be allowed to wear loin clothes and a bone through their nose?

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  4. petermac3 Says:

    P.S. Ya gotta love the way she throws around “genocide.” Genocide is the targeting of a religion then planning and carried out murders of six million of the 11 million intended victims. Genicide us not retaliation against people in dirty nightshirts bombing bus stops, cafes, schools and private homes from freal estate which was given back to the enemy after being won in a defensive war. Why don’t Sonny and Samantha give away their millions in assets and migrate to Palestine or Rhawanda… Well we know why. Those for whom they pretend to advocate for would dispatch them faster than you could say Allu Akbar.?

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  5. petermac3 Says:

    It remains to be seen how she and her ilk will continue their anti-american anti-Israel agenda post inauguration. And with three weeks remaining for surfer boy to poke Trump and the country in the eye with his sharp stick, his pen and his phone there is plenty of time and opportunity for chaos to rain down.
    And who knows with Mooch running for who knows what and Hillary for mayor of NYC the girls from Libya may yet have bully pulpits from which to spew their venom.

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  6. Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! | Brittius Says:

    […] via Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! […]

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  7. Sparky Says:

    Good articles. Frankly, I hadn’t been paying attention to some of the anti-christ Obama’s minions and Samantha is one of them. It is shameful what is being done to Israel but it does set me to thinking. In the last days before Christ returns again, Israel must stand alone. I think it’s one of many prophesies in the book of Daniel, I think? Maybe some Bible scholar can help me out there. Anyway, all we can do is keep praying and witnessing to the lost for Christ because I think the time when this “present evil age” (age of grace) will be taken away, and then the only way to be saved is to be martyred. Not a pretty thought. Keep looking up. And thank you for keeping us abreast of these sad developments.

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  8. Just Simply Linda Says:

    {{shaking my head}} I just don’t understand these haters….one doesn’t stab friends in the back, or in this instant (UN vote) in the front. This one world order has to stop—this global nonsense…I’ll stop there.

    I’ll say it again…if I was the president elect I would of put the UN on notice that they had 3 weeks to vacate the property and the United States…the UN has become to powerful (or so they think)–get off our land. I am all for being isolationist yet again. (probably a little too harsh for this Thursday am)

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