Lawmakers say ‘halt’ to sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to China

Of course this is done over the holidays with an abbreviated comment period. We gave Russia our Uranium why not give China access to manipulating our financial markets. The unthinkable is thinkable these days. The Obama regime remains without comment. Here tis:

stockLawmakers are demanding a longer review of a Chinese firm’s deal to purchase the Chicago Stock Exchange, voicing concerns over the sale’s impact on U.S. national security and the financial security of the American marketplace.

“As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conducts its process to review this transaction, we similarly urge you to consider the negative impacts Chinese state-affiliated ownership of the Chicago Exchange will have on national security and the financial security of the American marketplace,” the lawmakers wrote.

Earlier this month, the Chicago Stock Exchange announced that CFIUS found “no unresolved national security concerns” regarding the deal. The sale now only faces approval by the SEC. The Treasury Department has declined to comment on the development.

The lawmakers argued Thursday that the deal would offer the firm the ability to “manipulate” the $22 trillion U.S. equity marketplace.

“The integrity of, and confidence in America’s financial markets is a bedrock component of our nation’s security,” they wrote. “This transaction raises serious questions that go well beyond the limited scope of review that has already taken place. Allowing an entity such as CCEG to acquire one of our nation’s exchanges—with the access, information, and opportunities that exist to undermine U.S. interests—is a very serious matter.”

“Given these concerns, we urge you to consider rejecting this transaction,” the lawmakers wrote.

More at Free Beacon

11 Responses to “Lawmakers say ‘halt’ to sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to China”

  1. teelee2013 Says:

    People have lost their ever-lovin’ minds. January 20 isn’t coming fast enough.

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  2. wiregrassga Says:

    Nothing this anti-American imposter does surprises me. Will 1/20/17 ever get here?

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  3. Sparky Says:

    Holy Cow! This is a new one. You’re right, we’ve sold China Uranium, and we’ve sold them control of the internet, didn’t we? I think it was China. Anyway, the man who calls himself Obama thinks that America is his to be sold to the highest bidder. Hopefully, this is also illegal (as everything he has done so far is) and will be stopped when a real American takes over office. I just pray we can make it to January 20th without too much more scraping the bottom of the barrel. Thank you for keeping us abreast of these developments.

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  4. Just Simply Linda Says:

    You know, I am pretty sure there are laws against this…but you know, with the king and his court—America is for sale, yes, how true is that. Well, why not, the Sears Tower is now Willis—look into that–I’ll tell you, the damage this king and his court have done is unreal/unfathomable. {{{shaking my head}}}

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  5. Lawmakers say ‘halt’ to sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to China | Brittius Says:

    […] Source: Lawmakers say ‘halt’ to sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to China […]


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