Sunday Respite – ‘Woke up this Morning’

I think of any song that represents the sorry affair we find ourselves in this morning.

The Sopranos Theme Song/Intro – “Woke up this morning”

EBL nails it– travel over, a great blog:

The Fredo Corleone of the Clinton Crime Family

This comparison is not really fair to Fredo (but kudos to Rod Dreher anyway). I am pretty sure Don Corleone would have kept Anthony Weiner far away from the family business. Don Corleone probably wouldn’t have let Anthony Weiner anywhere near the family in the first place.
But to see the Clintons squirm over this is priceless. Wow.
EBL nails it-more there

9 Responses to “Sunday Respite – ‘Woke up this Morning’”

  1. Sparky Says:

    I’ve never watched the show or heard the song. It’s quite rousing! Good choice. Don’t lose heart. God loves us and we are in His hands no matter who is in the WH. Hope your day was blessed fellow Patriot. Love ~:)


  2. Always On Watch Says:

    So appropriate for what we are facing!


  3. hocuspocus13 Says:

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    As an Italian Sicilian American Jersey Girl 󾓩

    The bottom line is the Clinton’s couldn’t shine Uncle Louie’s Italian Imports 😎


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