Hillary Clinton’s dream ‘Open borders, open trade’

What is there to say? Plum wore out with Trump but this is the alternative. Grim isn’t it. If we thought Obama fundamentally transformed America, try open borders.


18 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s dream ‘Open borders, open trade’”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Donald Trump is obscene ? Let me tell you what’s really obscene …
    because I’ve had just about enough of this crap.


  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Open Borders = No America

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  3. teelee2013 Says:

    If she wins, we are doomed beyond ever recovering the America we love. I’m sickened by all of this.

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  4. Sparky Says:

    Hillary, et. el, are evil. And people who vote for her are uninformed, deviants, knuckle dragging morons. There. I said it. Let them put that in their pipes and smoke it. *wink*

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  5. Just Simply Linda Says:

    SIGH…I’m still a deplorable, which almost caused a divorce last night…rats…I smell rats. Just saying and not condoning what he said.
    Glad to see you Bunkerville…smiles—hoped you faired well and all is good.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      All is good. Hanging in as a deplorable and we could have taken her out this weekend for the but of Trump.

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      • Just Simply Linda Says:

        well..he better be on top of hi game tomorrow. Like I said, I don’t condone or like what he said, but one word,”RATS” oh, another two words, “GROW UP PEOPLE>–oh that’s three, lol. I am glad all is ok…smiles

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    • LadyRavenSDC Says:

      Dear God how I love the deplorables!
      Reading comments all up and down the amazingly awesome blogger sites today – one of my favorite lines was one I just HAD to use on my very liberal brother –
      “Trump was a democrat eleven years ago when he had that gross locker room conversation. Doesn’t he get a pass?”

      Others of note:
      “Selective moral outrage “trumps” national security any day.”
      @BoSnerdley – “As for all the GOP repeating the talk point “I have a daughter, wife, mother” – Monica Juanita Paula Elizabeth Kathleen And the list goes on.”
      He was awesome today – so level headed. He did a series of “Where was all the outrage when…..”
      ‏@JudgeJeanine “He (Donlad Trump) talks like a guy. And ladies out there, this is what guys talk about when you’re not around.”

      http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/10/cuckservatives-signal-their-virtue.html – excerpt –
      “We’re getting ominously close to war with both Russia and China, and these idiots are preening and posturing over the fact that an Alpha male talked like an Alpha more than 10 years ago?
      At least we know one thing.
      If the USA does get into a war, it’s going to lose.
      I don’t care what its advantages in men and material might be.
      Leadership matters, and we don’t have it.”

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Excellent comments!! Loved the Judge last night. The Russian bear is on the move while they distract us with all of this nonsense.


      • Just Simply Linda Says:

        Amen!!! We saw Judge Jeanine last night—what a awesome show, sure would like to hit that Coca over her head, though, lol. We were just discussing the Russia and China issue, scary, scary, scary. Have a lovely day Lady Raven.


  6. Hillary Clinton’s dream ‘Open borders, open trade’ | Says:

    […] Source: Hillary Clinton’s dream ‘Open borders, open trade’ […]


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