White House to rally businesses to hire refugees, double global resettlement

Amazing isn’t it. One of the triumvirate of the Three women who brought us the new long war in Libyamaster planner of the failed Libyan State, designer of the non-Syrian intervention, blantant anti-semite, a master creator of all those refugees, now tells us and the world we need to import all of the refugees she helped create and disperse them and their primitive ideologies throughout the developed world. Lest we forget, I bring you a short snippet at the end as a reminder of just who Ms Power is, and the mindset of this administration. Yes, she is more than married to Cass Sunstein. She is and has been a threat to our Nation.

The White House will on Thursday rally businesses to give jobs to refugees ahead of a September summit where U.S. President Barack Obama will urge world leaders to boost humanitarian funds by a third and double the number of refugees being resettled.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said on Wednesday that the Obama summit during the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations would also aim to get one million refugee children in school and one million more refugees access to legal work in the neighboring countries they fled to.

“We need businesses, big and small, to do more too; which is why tomorrow, the White House is launching a private sector call to action, which will rally companies to do their part, from providing jobs to donating services to refugees,” Power said.

Power said the United Nations estimates that some 1.2 million refugees globally need to be resettled elsewhere because they are unsafe or their needs are not being met, but that in 2015 only 107,000 people relocated.

She said the United States intended to meet its goal of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees, out of a total 85,000 refugees, this year and slammed calls by some Americans to halt the refugee program following attacks in Paris and Orlando

“Ignorance and prejudice make for bad advisors,” Power said. Really Samantha?

More at Reuters and just who is this Samantha Power?

Commentary Magazine: (An excellent piece, well worth the full read on our gal)

 In a 2003 article for the New Republic, Power:  “The U.S,” she wrote, “came to be seen less as it sees itself (the cop protecting the world from rogue nations) than as the very runaway state international law needs to contain.”

Power wrote that America’s record in world affairs had been so harmful to the freedoms of people around the world that the United States could remedy the problem only through profound self-criticism and the wholesale adoption of new policies. Acknowledging that President Bush was correct in saying that “some America-bashers” hate the American people’s freedoms, Ms. Power stated that much anti-Americanism derives from the role that U.S. power “has played in denying such freedoms to others” and concluded:

U.S. foreign policy has to be rethought. It needs not tweaking but overhauling….Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors. When [then German Chancellor] Willie [sic] Brandt went down on one knee in the Warsaw ghetto, his gesture was gratifying to World War II survivors, but it was also ennobling and cathartic for Germany. Would such an approach be futile for the United States?

Other B-ville posts that may be of interest:

Gates: Obama went against all of the National Security team on ousting Mubarak

This is how we treat our friends and allies. Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice orchestrated the ousting of Mubarak and the Arab Spring. Yet has Hilary been even questioned about it?

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Fox News that President Barack Obama ignored the advice of his “entire national security team” during the Egyptian coup in 2011 that ousted Hosni Mubarak, the country’s former president.

“Literally the entire national security team recommended unanimously handling Mubarak differently than we did,” Gates said. “And the president took the advice of three junior backbenchers in terms of how to treat Mubarak.”

Anti-Semite Susan Rice rises to NSA and Samantha Power moves to U.N.

In joining Ms. Rice and Ms. Power, Mrs. Clinton made an unusual break with Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, who, along with the national security adviser, Thomas E. Donilon, and the counterterrorism chief, John O. Brennan, had urged caution. Libya was not vital to American national security interests, the men argued, and Mr. Brennan worried that the Libyan rebels remained largely unknown to American officials, and could have ties to Al Qaeda.”

24 Responses to “White House to rally businesses to hire refugees, double global resettlement”

  1. geeez2014 Says:

    Off Topic but SO fascinating …did you hear that Clinton was LATE to take off from Phoenix when he somehow heard Lynch was arriving so he stuck around? Yup…and all got OFF the plane but Lynch and husband then Clinton boarded….I’d have thought she’d love whoever traveled with her to MEET A PRESIDENT, don’t you?
    AND no pictures were allowed by ANYBODY anywhere near….30 minutes to talk about grandparenting and golf…………
    How STUPID do they THINK WE ARE?

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      Very unlikely. My guess it was all set up ahead of time. Now we just hear that his CGI docs will take 27 months to be released. I’d say he is the one that wants to be off the hook. His foundation in the investigation that im interested int


  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Obama is so SO much more interested that foreigners have jobs than AMERICANS, isn’t he?
    He has hated this country since his biracial muslim christian grandparents single parents communist mentoring childhood………..(you can add more, that’s just a partial list!)..and “so help him, God” he’s going to DESTROY it if he can. #Q($E*&(&@#)(*$*&#@($&#(@*&$

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      You are on a roll with that description. And his Black folks?? Not a word to help them, yet they will hang with him


      • geeez2014 Says:

        Tho even CHarles Barkley talks about how Dems have done NOTHING for Black Americans. SOME of our Black neighbors DO get it..(not enough!)
        Remember that expression that Geo Bush might have coined? (there’s confusion on that) “the soft bigotry of LOW EXPECTATIONS”? I love that..it’s so true. And it’s Blacks like Obama who ARE bigoted in thinking Black American needs extraordinary help to survive.
        In this case, they needed a Black President to TALK TO THE KIDS ….and he’s TOTALLY TOTALLY missed that opportunity. He has NEVER done it!! He’s done quite the opposite! He should have said EVERY WEEK “Stop the drugs, stop having kids out of wedlock”..etc etc…”I did it, you can do it…go to school…make something of yourself because YOU CAN” Heck, the Trump kids they heard, every day of their lives as they left for school, from their father..”No drugs, no alcohol…no drugs..no alcohol”…and look at them. Not bad kids.
        But no…..Obama couldn’t lecture Black kids to lead good lives; what would that do for HIM, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      • LadyRavenSDC Says:

        geeez2014 – When HUSSEIN Obama was running we knew enough about him to know it didn’t look so good for the US if he got elected. When he got elected I said OK. Hopefully he will not be what we expect and will be someone the black kids/blacks can look up to. And they did/have put him on a pedestal but unfortunately for all of us, what he is is evil personified and THAT is what he has taught by his words and his actions.
        ” He should have said EVERY WEEK “Stop the drugs, stop having kids out of wedlock”..etc etc…”I did it, you can do it…go to school…make something of yourself because YOU CAN” Heck,”
        That almost makes me cry. The lost opportunity for humanity….


      • bunkerville Says:

        I dont know who he hates more, whites or blacks.


    • bunkerville Says:

      He had a wonderful opportunity to really effect the quality of Black kids regarding education, crime, and getting out of Ghetto life. He chose to ignore and and we can only speculate why. He would just as soon see the cities ablaze. Its what a community organizer needs and wants.


  3. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    …”will rally companies to do their part, from providing jobs to donating services to refugees,” Power said.”
    Do our part? DO OUR PART???
    What if I don’t see my part as having to provide a job for outsiders when there are plenty of unemployed Americans needing jobs right now? And what if I don’t see it as being “my part” to donate even a frickin loaf of bread to these “refugees?”
    RED blood rising in the morning!

    But lets move on – to this – since the subject of Paris was mentioned – “One of the guns used in Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix and is believed to be from the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious operation” http://powderedwigsociety.com/fast-and-furious-in-paris/

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Hey, that would be a good name for a blog. Red blood rising! I’m sick of that I owe eveyone. How about taking care of our own>>>! Funny don’t hear anything about gun running to Paris– good catch. Just think about it. The route those suckers took to get there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LadyRavenSDC Says:

        Yeah, even as I typed those words I thought same thing. Then moments ago I went to Curtis’ site and read this https://mojavedesertpatriot.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/stuff-laying-in-the-attic-3/ and I swear I don’t know why the People just sit this c*** out. But we do. Soons those levers are pulled in November all will get corrected! Right?


      • bunkerville Says:

        The local news said Bill was waiting for her, they didn’t just bump in. By the way, I think it is Bill that is in the cross hairs. There are two different investigations and the one about the foundation is the one that has meat on it. If I have time I will try and drag out another post about it.. Teneo.. That is the name that might take them out.


  4. the unit Says:

    I remember one of the recipients of a Obamaphone, or one expecting no more car note, no more house note when asked where the money was coming from. The answer was it’s his (Obama’s) money.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sparky Hudson Says:

    This sure looks like we’re gonna have to have another Civil War.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Just Simply Linda Says:

    I had no idea she was married to him, boy, Harvard (Haaaavad) sure cranks out crack pots/liberals…keep up the good work of keeping the people informed.

    Liked by 2 people

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