E.U. to implement a $300K fine per barbarian for non acceptance

To be honest I have paid little attention to the nature of the governance of the European Union. So just who are these so-called “officials?” Never mind, what they have in mind will totally destroy Europe and spread the migrant horde throughout Europe. Those few countries that have held firm in denying access will succumb to the weight of a $300,000 fine per “refugee” they deny. A corrective fairness mechanism will be implemented? Here goes:

European nations that turn away refugees could be forced to pay roughly $300,000 in fines for each individual rejected, European Union officials are expected to announce Wednesday.

The plan is part of the European Commission’s plan to overhaul its current asylum rules that neared collapse last year after more than a million refugees and migrants flooded across E.U. borders, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

Officials who saw the proposal in advance said the fine would act as a sanction on nations that refuse to adhere to the E.U.’s asylum system. While the exact penalty is still in flux, a diplomat said that it would amount to “hundreds of thousands of euros.”

The United Kingdom has the option to opt out of the new program.

The Guardian reported:

Under the latest plans, E.U. countries would still be responsible for housing refugees that arrive on their territory, preserving a key principle of existing asylum rules known as the Dublin regulation. Unlike under Dublin, refugees could be dispersed around the EU via a “corrective fairness mechanism” in the event that countries that are the first arrival point are unable to cope.

The penalties are intended to incentivize nations to abide by the currently failed migrant quotas.

Eastern European nations, including Poland and Hungary, would likely accept the new changes, the recommended fines would be a hard-hit to their economies, according to the Financial Times.

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25 Responses to “E.U. to implement a $300K fine per barbarian for non acceptance”

  1. Europeiska unionen avlossar skottet för att starta WWIII i Nederländerna – Bakom kulisserna Says:

    […] EU ska införa böter på 300 000 USD per barbar för icke-acceptans […]

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  2. My Article Read (5-4-2016) – Br Andrew's Muses Says:

    […] E.U. to implement a $300K fine per barbarian for non acceptance […]

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  3. My Article Read (5-4-2016) – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] E.U. to implement a $300K fine per barbarian for non acceptance […]


  4. geeez2014 Says:

    BY THE WAY…is it true Saudi Arabia has a tent city, empty, with room for three MILLION people? Why aren’t THEY being sued for NOT taking them in???

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  5. geeez2014 Says:

    So the countries with integrity, those who want to protect their lands and people, were the ones I admired so much for NOT just taking all refugees coming through…but the EU Leftwing weenies have found a way to suck the integrity out of them and offer leftwing ‘candy’ to do their bidding.
    I can’t comment more; your blog would catch on fire!!

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  6. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    And just how, pray tell, do they intend to enforce these fines….?

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  7. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    So many things to say about how awful it is over there, but I can only form the words to say….sad, overwhelmingly, unbelievably sad.

    We must not let that happen here! We simply cannot allow our Country to be over-run any more than it has been!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Agree Laura. Our fate is now sealed with the candidates chosen now for all intent. It rests with what we know– Hillary,, and the wildcard Trump. I will go with the wildcard. Fingers crossed.

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      • Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

        Me, too. Going with Trump, fingers crossed.

        I know with certainty that all of the others would further our Country’s destruction. I hope that Trump won’t. I don’t like everything Trump does or says; I don’t have ‘trust’ in him, yet; but I like what he says, he hasn’t held office and betrayed his constituents – yet – and so I have hope that he will be different.

        If he betrays us, well….it’s not anything we didn’t already know all of the other choices were gonna do to us.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        With any luck we may save the Supreme court with his picks. We are toast otherwise. So I’m in.

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      • the unit Says:

        I in as well. Perhaps we will learn who Trump really is. Nationalists haven’t faired too well since the beginning of the NWO plan, as far as living to old age.

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  8. petermc3 Says:

    The only solution for beating back the muslim hoards storming the gates of the civilized infidel nations is a triumvirate of sorts comprised of Trump’s America, Russia and China. Europe is lost, (been to England lately?) and Latin America with its own brand of political corruption is the next logical destination. The Monroe Doctrine which was designed to prevent only the european nations from colonizing South America be damned. The communists led by Hillary, protected by walls which she holds in such disdain, will do their damnedest to have this hemisphere overrun by Islam.

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