Federal Park Ranger Mocks Founders, Constitution … Tour of Independence Hall!

One by one the very foundations of our culture are under attack. So kids visiting Independence Hall had to hear this weasel show contempt for our founders. I give you a few of her snippets. Don’t bother reading the full rant on the evil founders who by the way were willing to give up their lives and fortunes for us. And just what are we leaving our children? Here we go

A federal employee of the National Park Service who offers guided tours of Independence Hall in Philadelphia — the birthplace of the Constitution — stunned a group of tourists this week by telling them the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were the product of “class elites who were just out to protect their privileged status.”

Holly Holst provided a tour Monday afternoon at Independence Hall laced with factual inaccuracies and disparaging comments about the Founders and the Constitution.

Several attendees of her tour group on Monday told PJ Media that Holst had explained to them that “the Founders knew that when they left this room, what they had written wouldn’t matter very much.” Holst told the group that the “most important part of the Constitution written at Independence Hall was the ability to change it.”

Holst also inaccurately told the tour group that “King George III paid more attention to Parliament” than the colonists “because they were right there and could remove him from office.” Parliament did not possess the power to remove the king from office in the 1770s, and does not possess that power today.

H/T and more at :PJ Media

19 Responses to “Federal Park Ranger Mocks Founders, Constitution … Tour of Independence Hall!”

  1. katusablog Says:

    Reblogged this on katusablog and commented:
    This Federal Parks Ranger is a Disgrace! As it may be almost near impossible to dismiss this individual, she should be reassigned to some backroom, with a dramatic paycut, and not be allowed any interaction with the public, with We The People!

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  2. katusablog Says:

    Is this what The Federal OPM and the National Parts Service is instructing Federal Park Rangers to tell guests to We The People’s Federal Parks these days? Good Lord, hope not; but with obama at the helm,puppet strings and all, I don’t put it past them!
    Federal Park Ranger Holst is due for some intensive “retraining”; although I doubt that will take care of the matter. Ranger Holst should be disciplined, put on leave without pay, and, after appropriate investigation, Ms. Holst should be fired!


  3. Always On Watch Says:

    Are WE THE PEOPLE going to put with this crap?

    So, will Ms. Holst be fired?

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  4. petermc3 Says:

    Another shining example of a hater whose free speech is protected by that very constitution she holds in contempt. If only those visitors had the presence of mind to turn their backs on her and walk out; And if only the late Chyna was here to go down to the once city of brotherly love and kick her fat sweaty pimply ass from one end of Independence hall to the other.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      She is on her way to the WH and an audience with Mooch.


    • Steve Dennis Says:

      Right on Peter! But of course the people who were there probably don’t have any idea of the true history of this country and what most of the founders gave up for freedom. They have a corrupted view of our history and have probably never read the debates from the beginning of the revolution up to the creation of the Constitution and that is sad because that is some of the most interesting reading a person can do in my opinion. I find it is always better to read from the source and interpret it for yourself than it is to have someone interpret it for you without having read it for yourself.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        I am with you Steve. I was fortunate to have my History classes in college using primary sources. Western Civ, U.S. History seemed to come alive. We would have opposing views and would thrash it out in class. No worries over P.C.

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