Obama’s 2009 stimulus gave millions to Filipino Vets

Recall the pork machine dreamed up in 2009 that was supposed to build road and bridges, the stimulus bill otherwise known as Porkulus? To the tune of $757 Billion bucks? It turns out that buried in the bill many Filipinos hit the jackpot. Go back 75 years and figure out who was fighting alongside us in the Philippines. Pay them bucks. That will get the U.S. economy moving won’t it. And just how do we figure out who really was with us and why now? This post follows yesterday’s post VA Outsources Vet Processing Benefits to Philippines.

….But hundreds of millions of dollars spent in the program went instead to elderly Filipinos, much of it virtually guaranteed never to make its way back to the U.S. economy.

Tucked away in the stimulus was a provision to pay $9,000 each to residents of the Philippines who fought alongside the U.S. in World War II. Those who had become U.S. citizens since the war got $15,000.

The stimulus payments — called Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation — started in April 2009. More than $225 million has since been paid to more than 18,000 Filipino vets. Slightly less than half of those now have U.S. citizenship, but may still live in the Philippines. The program was originally slated to spend $198 million.

Administering a program that writes checks to people for actions performed 75 years ago in a third-world country is not easy. Some Filipinos actually fought on the Japanese side. The VA tries to avoid rewarding enemy soldiers by checking names against lists confiscated from the Japanese army, but fraud is not uncommon.

“In order to combat high levels of fraud the office staff use a variety of methods, including using photographs and interviews to determine identity, verifying claims using forensic analysis, and using WWII Japanese records to determine whether a Filipino WWII veteran collaborated with the enemy during the war,” the Government Accountability Office wrote of VA operations in the Philippines.
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12 Responses to “Obama’s 2009 stimulus gave millions to Filipino Vets”

  1. My Article Read (2-26-2016) – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Obama’s 2009 stimulus gave millions to Filipino Vets […]

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  2. comradematrix Says:

    Practice run for administering ‘Reparations’ ?? This guy can’t get out of office fast enough.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Comrade, the worst is yet to come. These last months will be pure hell. But we have the Donald who will set them back on their heels.


  3. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    I’ve got a better, quicker, and more efficient idea for the federal government.

    Why don’t they just start carpet bombing the entire world with all of our tax dollars. FFS!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      While we have a couple of bucks left? Better do it quickly

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  4. Mustang Says:

    How many politicians in 1898 had the capacity of anticipating the long-term consequences of our seizure of the Philippine Islands? Had the US not established bases throughout the archipelago, there would be no reason for Japan to attack the Philippines and no reason to compensate these folks 67-years later. I do not believe our country has quite figured this out these truths. Peter is right: create the false narrative, repeat it often, and then claim a major accomplishment to gain reelection three generations from now.

    According to a current Philippine population pyramid, eligible males in the appropriate age bracket approximate 2 million men; times $9,000. But the question remains: what about the love bunnies? They were vets too … and we do have all this money laying around.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for doing the math. Forget our vets…. give them an answering service message for their suicide calls, but the Flipos get the cash.


  5. petermc3 Says:

    Seventy five years from now some pencil dicked politicians and bureaucrats will create a formul to compensate Taliban, al-Quada and ISIS veterans who fought beside american troops in the Middle East as part of a bill passed to compensate negro talent who who got screwed in their recording contracts by racist white Devils running record companies in the 1950’s.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I think you probably got this one together and the dots connect quite nicely. Just how many of these ancient Flippos are there for goodness sake? At least 90 years of age…


  6. Rifleman III Says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.

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    • bunkerville Says:


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      • Rifleman III Says:

        You’re welcome.


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