VA Outsources Vet Processing Benefits to Philippines

Here we go with a solution to the VA problems. Farm them out to third world countries. Everyone else is. One of the caveats to this story as one digs into it. Apparently this office is very efficient and pleasant to deal with. What the heck, nothing else is working. Cheap, no union problems. Says it all doesn’t it?

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials are outsourcing healthcare paperwork for American veterans to low-paid workers in the Philippines, a nation where the minimum wage is a dollar a day.

Long ago, VA opened a facility in Manila to care for Filipino World War II veterans who fought alongside the U.S. military against the Japanese — the Philippines was a U.S. territory until 1946. But most of those veterans are now dead, and the Philippines has its own government agency to care for those who are still alive.

Uncle Sam is better at opening offices than closing them, so the 100-employee office in Manila — the VA’s only foreign outpost — remains open for business.

Ninety of the workers are Filipinos, and provide a far cheaper alternative to the VA’s U.S. workers who are unionized and insist on bargaining on seemingly every management decision and contest any discipline of bad workers.

The staff is paid in pesos at rates designed to be similar to what their peers in the Pacific nation make. The average annual income in the Philippines is $2,500. Nine Americans also work at the office, with Nelson making $160,000.

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