Hillary Clinton’s list of all the Wall Street fundraisers here

We hear about the Millions of dollars that Hillary has extorted from Wall Street. But the Washington Beacon lays out the “who” and “where” that is simply stunning. It is easy for the eyes to glaze over when we talk bucks, but the Beacon gives us a scope as to how she went after them week after week, never letting up since she first announced her bid for President. A link to the “who and where” is at the end of the post.

Attending fundraisers hosted by finance executives has become standard practice for Clinton, who had already raised $5.9 million from the securities and investment industry leading into the most recent fundraising quarter.

Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic candidate for president who is getting money from Wall Street—and for her, it has come in droves.

Hillary with her pals, holding them up for Mega Bucks.

Hillary with her pals, holding them up for Mega Bucks.

“I am surprised that Hillary Clinton does not understand why so many people have strong concerns about her receiving many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs and from many other financial,” Sanders said .

Clinton’s long relationship with the financial sector has given Sanders a lot to point out, and she continues to give him new ammunition. Just this week, she was criticized for spending her time raising money at an investment bank rather than spending it talking to voters in Iowa.

Here is a list of 31 fundraising events that have been put on or will be put on for the Clinton campaign by the financial industry since she started campaigning early last year: Free Beacon

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