David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance”

Here is a good review of what we already knew. The real purpose of throwing in millions of so called “refugees” into Western Civilization. But of course, for the NWO.

Pay attention to David Miliband who heads-up the financially largest US refugee resettlement agency.  He is the former British Foreign Secretary who came to New York in 2013 to take the reins of the International Rescue Committee.

Pals Miliband and Hillary Clinton

Pals Miliband and Hillary Clinton

The Clintons, George Soros, Samantha Power and others of the NO Borders Left were on hand to greet his arrival.   You know he is playing a huge role in seeding American towns with Muslim migrants as he was the first to call for the resettlement of 65,000 Syrian refugees before Obama leaves office (he has now upped his demand to 100,000 by the end of this year).

Global governance! What about American sovereignty! What about your home town!

Continue reading here.  See our complete archive on Miliband at RRW by clicking here.  Be sure to see Miliband says we must “embrace political Islamism,” here.


H/T:NC Renegade

7 Responses to “David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance””

  1. What did we just get with our 120K Afghans? Let’s look back at our Syrian refugees | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance” […]


  2. Mustang Says:

    Another example of OUR foolishness if we do not take this asshat at his word. Similarly, Hillary thinks the government should raise our children, government should decide whether we ought to receive life-saving medical care, and of course the icing on the cake is that Moslems are telling us that they are engaged in a holy war against non-Moslems. I think we ought to take these people seriously.

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  3. petermc3 Says:

    Obama and Hillary must be salivating. Not only is his Syrian refugee policy taking shape unencumbered by any actions of the cowering congress and courts but in addition Clinton, Val Jar and Susan Rice’s incursion into Libya is finally taking shape as ISIS has secured a foothold in that country and today has executed five British “spies,” Surely British liberal pansy PM Cameron will shake his fists and declare his determination to do “something” even while the flow of muslim immigrants continues uninterrupted into the British Isles and contribute to bankrupting those countries. And now the Saudis have an even bigger target on their backs resulting from their execution of 100 terrorists, both Sunni and Shite. Barry can only hope the Saudi family is overthrown before he leaves office. The question may be in what capacity does Iran employ him to further their nuclear agenda. UN Secretary General could be the best platform. Imagine if our constitution had some provision to remove a traitorous America destroying POTUS, lets say like an impeachment process? Even if we did a republican majority in congress with balls and morals would be needed, something sorely lacking.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree with your analysis. One can only wonder why there is zero coverage. This post was well documented with facts that cannot be disputed. GO Trump. Only one with any balls at all, not that I trust him, but…..

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  4. David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance” | Rifleman III Journal Says:

    […] Source: David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance” […]

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