Six US troops killed, just before Christmas

Z posted this, and here is a part of her post:This terrible hit before Christmas hit us all……  I am including the music “Bring him home” as a reminder of all those who are away from home in this precious time of year.

This is about the six US troops killed two days  ago in Afghanistan.  These six were killed:  Please take in their smiles, their optimism, their strength, their lives.  The life’s gone now and their families are a mess.  Their families will never have another totally happy Christmas in their LIVES…NEVER.  There will always be the pall that “Daddy died 7 years ago just before CHRISTMAS..”  Ever year.

Air Force Major Adrianna Vorderbruggen

New York City Detective Joseph Lemm, a 15-year veteran of the NYPD who also volunteered in the U.S. Air National Guard and was on his third deployment to war zones.

Serviceman Chester McBride Jr., who was remembered by the principal of Statesboro High School as “a young man of high character with a great smile.”

Serviceman Michael Anthony Cinco of Rio Grande Valley, Texas, was identified by local media as another victim.

Staff Sergeant Louis Bonacasa from New York.

But what we do actually know is that six brave American families will be celebrating Chrismas without their dad, their mom, their brother, their wives………….and they need PRAYER.

I blog this to ASK FOR PRAYER FOR THEM………for Adriannna, Joe Lemm, Mike Cinco, Chet McBride, Peter Taub and Bonacasam

Keep these service people and their spouses in your prayers…………but,mostly pray for their children, missing their dad every Christmas from now on.

God bless you………….Z

Colm Wilkinson – Bring Him Home (Les Misérables)

God on high
Hear my prayer
In my need
You have always been there

He is young
He’s afraid
Let him rest
Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.He’s like the son I might have known
If God had granted me a son.
The summers die
One by one
How soon they fly
On and on
And I am old
And will be gone.


Bring him peace
Bring him joy
He is young
He is only a boy

You can take
You can give
Let him be
Let him live
If I die, let me die
Let him live
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.

16 Responses to “Six US troops killed, just before Christmas”

  1. Pete Says:

    My prayers for the dead and their families are words I have written many times before, and are lost in the wind of thousands of other praying for them…. but I wonder why the President could not take the time to say those words on the day they were killed?

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  2. mcnorman Says:

    They are all in God’s hands now. Peace to their families who will need an abundance of prayer to get them through the next few months.


  3. petermc3 Says:

    I won’t editorialize today but just want to say God Bless these honorable American soldiers and their heartbroken families.
    A Merry Christmas to you, your family and your readers Bunker. Keep up the good fight my friend. 🙏

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  4. Angel Says:

    warmest wishes to u my friend!!! xoxoxox

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  5. geeez2014 Says:

    Thank you very much for highlighting this here….we see nothing but terrorist faces on TV and on headlines, and we hear journalists attempting to learn how to pronounce their Arabic names as if it’s so important we get that right, and we seem to NOT highlight “the SIX” or “the FOURTEEN”.. we must remember that they are NOT just a number! They are individuals whose lives were lost for no reason and whose families are suffering so badly. Good that more people will think about this after seeing it here.
    “Bring Him Home”…wow…perfect. I’ve always loved that.
    Thanks, Bunkerville.
    God bless and Merry Christmas. Let’s all keep the victims’ families in our prayers, especially during this season.

    Liked by 3 people

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