CNBC with 150 seconds of a terrible debate

One can only shake one’s head in disbelief that the GOP would ever agree to such nonsense regarding the process of the GOP debates. The media even gets to chose which candidates get to debate. For those who chose to watch baseball or otherwise have an enjoyable evening, good for you. Here are the lowlights.

This video sums up the nonsense in just 150 seconds.


6 Responses to “CNBC with 150 seconds of a terrible debate”

  1. comradematrix Says:

    How many more of these are there? I don’t think I can take it. However, the biggest loser of the night has to be Reince Priebus for agreeing to the nit wits and CNBC at all., Two other losers Jeb and Rand. Rubio shone and the others survived.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      No love lost in seeing Jeb go. “I love my brother and I will defend him to the death” is very old and so yesterday.

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  2. Adrienne Says:

    What is most infuriating is that these people get paid mega-bucks to parade their stupidity in a public forum. I would be, of course, referring to the “moderators.”

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Amazing that they have no qualms in revealing it as well.


  3. petermc3 Says:

    I still blame Mitt Romney for the sorry state of these debates and the poor excuses for “moderators.”
    I have repeatedly maintained and stated on more than one blog site over the last four years that Romney should have taken to task that mugly rotund puke of an excuse of an “impartial moderator” Candy Crowely for playing the shill for Barack Obama and throwing the election when sho whipped out that document and embarrassed Mitt. Had he called her out and walked off the stage that rat in the White House would have been a footnote in American history. Instead we have a nation in ruins. Thanks for being a whimp Mitt. Little has changed…

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree with you. It was the first clear salvo as to what the Media was all about. The ultimate heads up.

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