‘Refugee resettlement’ and your town. Find out here.

The enemy is at the gate, they lay siege to our walls, yet no one answers the call to arms!! Where are the Knights Templar, why are they not suited up for the great battle? Are they asleep? Who will slay this beast if not the Templars? The angels are sounding the trumpets, are the sounds of them muffled? This enemy is familiar, we have fought them before, in histories past, come brethren, take up your cross, and fight for God, and the Saints, the beast has reared his ugly head once again!!

Muslim invaders are arriving in cities and towns across America, with many more to come. Perhaps you’ve seen your town transformed. If not, you soon may. It’s call “refugee resettlement” which is code for transplanting entire communities from hellholes in the Middle East to once beautiful towns and neighborhoods across America. The American Thinker post includes links to many maps and contacts. If you really want to know what is going down, this is the post for you. I give you a couple of examples. Here we go:

There are many things we all need to know to ward off this systematic destruction of our communities, and indeed our country. The links in the American Thinker full post will find vital information, including ways to take action. Just a couple of examples.

Preferred Communities Program (PCP):  This program targets small towns and rural areas for refugee resettlement. The rationalization is that these settings are best suited to attend to the myriad needs of refugees as compared to large cities, and that smaller communities are more welcoming to refugees. PCP collaborates with the Office of Refugee Resettlement and partner agencies to identify communities they deem most ideal for refugee resettlement.

Welcoming Communities: These communities fall under the umbrella of “Welcoming America,” an organization devoted to refugee support. See their mission statement: “Welcoming America inspires people to build a different kind of community– one that embraces immigrants and fosters opportunity for all.

Wilson-Fish (WF):  This program shifts control and decision-making power from the states to the federal government on issues pertaining to refugee resettlement and the provision of public and private services to refugees. There are currently 13 WF states:  Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont. San Diego County, CA, is also a designated WF region. As you will notice, the majority of these states are red states. What’s up with their governors? We need to educate them. (WF is one reason why Idaho, of all places, is a hot spot for Muslim conquest.)

Maps and Contact Lists

This is a list of members of Congress who are pressuring Obama to speed up screening of Syrian refugees so they can be imported more quickly.

This is where you can find information about elected officials and businessmen who support the Partnership for a New American Economy (an organization that peddles the idea that immigration helps our economy).

This is information about legislation proposed by Congressman Brian Babin (TX-R) to suspend Obama’s plan to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders. (For more information see here, here, and here.)

This is a list of refugee resettlement contacts by state. It is a resource to find out what’s going on in your state, including plans for admitting more refugees. (The list is from 2014, so it is not absolutely current.)

This is a list of charities that are integrally involved in refugee resettlement by state. (Additional lists can be found here and here.)

This is a list of “preferred communities.”

This map shows the locations of “welcoming communities.”

This map shows where there are concentrations of programs and services for refugees.

These maps show states with high concentrations of refugees, high concentrations of mosques, and hot spots for terror activity. (And of course it all correlates.

Read more: American Thinker

14 Responses to “‘Refugee resettlement’ and your town. Find out here.”

  1. Obama appoints Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim to head “Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications” | Kelli D Gordon III% Texas USA Says:

    […] 200,000 “refugees”/slash jihadiis who want to dominate America. AND IF WE DONT THROW THEM OUT THEY WILL OUT BREED US IN A FEW SHORT YEARS Be sure to check ALL THE LINKS ATTACHED TO THIS ARTICLE https://bunkerville.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/refugee-resettlement-and-your-town-find-out-here/ […]


  2. Skip Patel Says:

    Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg and commented:
    Open Borders & Refugee Resettlemet: Botched Euthanasia of The Middle Class http://tinyurl.com/qg6uolb

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  3. Cry and Howl Says:

    Great post bunkerville. It saddens me that Ft. Worth, Texas is on the list. Personally I don’t see it being accepted here but the liberals are slowly taking over.

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  4. petermc3 Says:

    You’ve got it backward Bunker. The enemy is inside the gate and he is us. These red state governors, are they a reflection of the republican lemmings in congress? The solution may be to westernize the Muslim girls fostering honor killings by the Muslim families which would limit their ability to procreate.

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  5. comradematrix Says:

    Good post Bunker…those maps really open the eyes as to what is truly going on…

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