Sunday Respite: Kung Fu Piano: Cello ascends

One of my favorite duo’s that I have discovered recently. The Piano Guys. Great visuals go along with some great music.

Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends – ThePianoGuys (Wonder of The World 1 of 7)


5 Responses to “Sunday Respite: Kung Fu Piano: Cello ascends”

  1. My Article Read (4-19-2015) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Sunday Respite: Kung Fu Piano: Cello ascends […]


  2. bunkerville Says:

    As long as you can still lock and load unit, all is well.

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    • the unit Says:

      That’s what God gave us thumbs for and not middle fingers. 🙂


  3. the unit Says:

    Very beautiful. I’m sure the result we hear is a tribute to their mind, desire, hard work, practice, and talent. Just watching their hands and fingers in motion explains much about our communicative abilities from one to another (not community organizing, STOP). I’m not musically inclined, and I did try being in Jr. High Band, just didn’t have it. I don’t know. As for as hands and fingers, with my osteoarthritis now, I just practice clicking my safety on and off to be sure it works and I can do it. 🙂

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    • bunkerville Says:

      See above comment.

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