Hillary Clinton’s brother gets rare Haitian gold mine permit

Like Sister like brother. Over two Billion in U.S. Aid has been given to Haiti. And Algeria gives big bucks for Haitian relief? I wonder how much Algeria got for the donation. Money laundering at it best. This is not the first brush will nasty activity. Tony Rodham was involved in a Visa scam.

UPDATE: Just out: For the latest creepy long fingers which didn’t stop with goldmines.

The Clintons: Viceroys of Haiti – Breitbart

But first:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, sat on the board of a self-described mining company that in 2012 received one of only two “gold exploitation permits” from the Haitian government—the first issued in over 50 years.

The tiny North Carolina company, VCS Mining, also included on its board Bill Clinton’s co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), former Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

VCS’s coveted gold mining exploitation permit was apparently such a sweetheart deal that it outraged the Haitian senate, since royalties to be paid to the Haitian government were only 2.5%, a sum mining experts say is at least half the standard rate. Moreover, themining project in Morne Bossa came with a generous ability to renew the project for up to 25 years. Nevertheless, the fledgling company proudly touted its luck in landing the deal.

“This is one of two permits issued today, the first permit of their kind issued in over five decades,” reads the only press release under VCS’s “news” tab on its scant website.

More over at Breitbart

What happened to this scandal? July, 2013.

New Scandal? – Hillary Clinton’s Brother Caught Up In Possible Scandal With To DHS Nominee

18 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s brother gets rare Haitian gold mine permit”

  1. Memo: Clinton would steer State funds to her Donor’s Haiti project | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Hillary Clinton’s brother gets rare Haitian gold mine permit March 6, 2015 […]


  2. Clinton Foundation donor lobbies State Dept – Gets funding | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] for another Clinton in the White House. As the saying goes, follow the money. Remember this one? Hillary Clinton’s brother gets rare Haitian gold mine permit. For more on Haiti try The Clintons: Viceroys of Haiti – Breitbart Here we go with the latest […]


  3. 0jr Says:

    the clintons and bush both got on tv together asking for relief money for haiti that they kept which was close to a billion


  4. Zip-a-Dee Says:

    I have something that will compliment this! Remember the man who wrote a letter to the editor about the solar panels and the water needed to clean them – Plus that it was part of a money laundering scheme. Here’s the latest one that fits with your topic today: I Have A Plan To Save The Planet

    In view of the ‘settled science’ that our use of fossil fuels is going to destroy us all, the following plan will be a constructive step in the right direction, to save our butts. This plan is principally based on the renewable, or green energy scenario.

    First, we will dedicate a rather small segment of our domestic agriculture, let’s say, 5%. All tilling, cultivating and harvesting will be done manually, without the use of any fossil fuels. [NOTE THAT THIS WILL HAVE THE ANCILLARY BENEFT OF MAKING A DENT IN HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT.]

    It is stipulated that this will cause vegetables to cost two-to-three times the cost of mechanized farming, but remember, this is based on the green-energy model. There will be the predictable resistance from those extreme radicals who cling to ‘logic’ and ‘common sense’ and they will have to be discredited, for the greater good, of course. Their objections will no-doubt be based on claims of inefficiency, cost and negative impact on supply, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

    The problem — er ‘um — “model deficiency” regarding cost can be solved by using the same green-energy model.

    Thanks to my multiple, close political connections, enhanced by strategic campaign contributions, I can get legislation passed that the public must buy my product.

    In a free market, the public would have a choice, but that would not allow me to gain any market share. The solution is obvious. My production will be blended into the larger market supply, and the increased cost will be spread across the remaining 95%. In subsequent years, my market share will be mandated to increase to 10%, then 20%, etc. People will just have to bite the bullet (organic bullet of course), and pony-up.

    What about the poor, you ask. Simply take from those with an unfairly large share, and level the field. When saving the planet, we can’t be timid.

    Of course, I will reap a bountiful income, and continue those strategic campaign contributions. Hey, that’s how the system works. Ignore those who call it “money laundering”. We are only concerned with the greater good, really.

    Oh, did I mention, I will need a couple of hundred million taxpayer dollars for seed money, to get this in motion.

    Contact your representatives in Washington, and Carson City, and lets get this ball rolling.
    To help on a personal level, please send contributions to:
    Marxist Meadows Agricultural Coop
    Utopia, NV
    Submitted By Thomas A Bergeron Sr.
    Mina, NV

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  5. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Slick Willy and Slicker Hillary _ It seems that the slezier they are, the better the voters like them. Sigh!

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  6. Steve Dennis Says:

    I wanted to write something about this but I have not gotten to it yet, what a remarkable coincidence!

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  7. Lorra B. Says:

    Zilla is correct…’Nepotism at it’s sleaziest.” Most may not know that Hillary (on an off note) ‘donates’ her money from appearances to her foundation…. Hmmmmmmm. Yup…It just keeps getting more and more sleezy…. Wonder how that ‘laundry’ turns out…..perhaps I am stretching it a bit but I don’t know….

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  8. Petermc3 Says:

    Jimmy “I have lust in my heart” Carter’s brother made pennies with Billy Beer while the brother of the incredible bulk Hillary, Tony Rotten- no relation to the late Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, hit the mother lode in Haiti.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      And apparently the telecom business as well. But then, they don’t wait Haiti to get on its feet anyway now do they? Bill CLinton installed the Dictator.


      • Petetmc3 Says:

        Yeah and they couldn’t even get the garbage picked up in Haiti until Bubba sent over our soldiers.


  9. Zilla of the Resistance Says:

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    Nepotism at its sleaziest. Shrillary’s brother managed to snag a sweet deal in Haiti and screw over Hatians at the same time! Next time some lefty doofus tries to tell ya about how the Dems care about poor people, such as the long suffering people of Haiti, if you can resist punching said doofus in the face, hit the doofus with a truth bomb such as the one that Bunkerville has provided today.

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