‘I’m Mad as Hell and I am not going to take this anymore!’

After consultation with my fellow Bunkervites regarding the insane remarks being thrown about by this administration recently, I bring you this as a reminder that it is time for us to be “Made as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore!)

Howard Beale
I’m As Mad As Hell And I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore!



17 Responses to “‘I’m Mad as Hell and I am not going to take this anymore!’”

  1. My Article Read (2-18-2015) (2-19-2015) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] ‘I’m Mad as Hell and I am not going to take this anymore!’ […]


  2. Always On Watch Says:

    17 more months of the outrages that Obama is perpetrating and engineering? Grrrrr.

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  3. the unit Says:

    You know, I missed this movie. ’76 and ’77 were difficult times for me. So this is the first time I saw this clip. But it made me think. How could a few young years reared in a Muslim influence affect someone like Obama. So I looked up about Peter Finch who played Howard Beale. On Wiki I found…(not necessarily has anything to do with the movie)…
    “Undoubtedly as a result of his childhood contact with Buddhism Finch always claimed to be a Buddhist. He is reported to have said: “I think a man dying on a cross is a ghastly symbol for a religion. And I think a man sitting under a bo tree and becoming enlightened is a beautiful one.”
    Yes, who I am in actions today is a result of my early years. Fortunately, and not by as luck would have it, I inculcated in later years in keeping with early values.
    Funny though “bo tree.” lol

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Interesting story unit. I myself believe I was shaped for the most part in my political thoughts in early life. Religion as well. Obama’s early years were Muslim influenced not Christian.

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      • the unit Says:

        Yeah, and actions speak louder than teleprompters, and note cards of my generation…and something scribbled on the palm of ones hand not too long ago. 🙂
        I carved my proposal in the skin of a potatoe (that’s a Quale one) years ago…and asked… extra butter or sour cream? I do make things up as I go along in this world. 🙂
        But I get serious too !!!


    • Zip-a-Dee Says:

      Interesting thought. Brings to mind a verse that explains why the cross is misunderstood: “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18) Tag that with: Talking about the mystery of the cross, what that act of sacrifice achieved for everyone, “Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” (1 Corinthians 2:8) The very act of crucifying open the door of salvation to all who would believe (the Gospel of Christ). Apostle Paul writes about how he prospered in the Jews’ religion, “how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it:” (Galatians 1:13) Notice he didn’t call it God’s religion. Sitting under a ‘bo tree’ is as productive as ‘getting mad and screaming out’. To those powers in high places, it’s like little ants making sounds of displeasure. What looks ‘charming’ and of ‘acceptable image’ in this world is fleeting when compared to Eternity. Reality can be a harsh task master when the ungodly rule and reign.


  4. Petetmc3 Says:

    As long as this porch/sand monkey in the WH has the republicans as the non-opposition party he an Valerie can continue their destructive policies and placate their sycophant base composed of academics, elites, Hollywood, women who can’t afford $10 a month for the pill on their own, feminists who would welcome the chance to couple with an ISIS taxi driver, most college students, gays and lesbians who see no danger in their Semitic brothers and sisters being thrown off roofs and stoned to death, mist american Jews, Race hustlers, , those on cradle to grave government sustanence, stoners and everyday garden variety democrat ostriches like our pal JMJ- love you man, you keep me chuckling. 😄

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I think you covered it all. I made the mistake of watching said leader with his final closing remarks to his Muslim buddies. How insulting. We just don’t have enough muslims in this country to know what a swell bunch of folks they are. We will never make it. He will bring in millions, you bet as Refugees.


  5. Jersey McJones Says:

    LOL! Good to see the President telling the stupid cons to shove it with their quest to give the terrorists everything they want! I’m liking Obama a lot these days!



  6. comradematrix Says:

    “ISIL doesn’t represent Islam.” – Barack Obama (JD Harvard) “Yes we do.” – ISIL Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (PhD Theology Islamic U of Iraq)


    • comradematrix Says:

      Its just awfully bad when even ISIL doesn’t agree with him. Mad as Hell…how much more of this can the country sustain??


      • bunkerville Says:

        I am sure running out of steam Comrade as the whole thing is turning into some sort of psychosis that our government is operating in. And it will kill us and our fellow Americans. Good find above Matrix.


  7. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    I think our “Mad As Hell” club is growing; but it needs to grow much faster.

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  8. Petermc3 Says:

    Is “Mad as hell” more forceful than pissed off? If so, count me in!😖

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