Obama’s meeting with those Muslims, and what he wanted

I have been under the weather this week, so not able to make my rounds of fellow bloggers but got more than a stomach full of C-Span government hearings. No need to even comment on the absurd low points of them. But this little item caught my attention. Just who and why did Obama meet with those Muslims on Feb.4 that he refused to identify? The Daily Caller gives us some insight. It figures.

President Barack Obama quietly met with a group of Muslim political activists in the White House Feb. 4 to get them to support the Democrats’ political machine.

The meeting didn’t focus on U.S. foreign policy or Islamic jihadi attacks. Instead, it was Obama’s outreach to a growing Democratic-affiliated political constituency, similar to other meeting with environmental, African-American or Latino political groups. […]

The immigrant Muslim population has grown by roughly 1 million since 2000, up to almost 2.7 million in 2013. The population has grown because the federal government has accepted many migrants from war-torn Muslim countries, such as Somalia and Syria.

Naturally, the U.S.-based Islamist groups want something in exchange for their cooperation with Obama’s Democratic Party.

They want federal jobs for their allies, diplomatic support for allied Islamist movements in the Middle East, the stigmatization of criticism of Islam, plus the legal authority for U.S.-based Islamists to independently police zealous U.S.-based Muslims who are preparing to become jihadis.

The meeting was organized by Farhana Khera, a Muslim lawyer who has campaigned against the post-9/11 police oversight of Islamic communities, and the public’s criticism of Islamic ideas. In 2010, she complained about the arrestand deportation of a Muslim cleric who had met with FBI officials and subsequently warned a U.S-based jihadi about police surveillance. Khera declined to comment when asked about the meeting.

Khera worked with Obama’s deputy for Muslim outreach, George Selim, to set up the meeting. Selim attended the meeting, but declined to talk to TheDC.

In June 2012, Selim told TheDC that Obama’s deputies had held hundreds of meetings with the Council on American Islamic Relations. Since 2001, several employees and former employees of that group has been been jailed or deported for jihadi-related crimes.

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