U.S. now has boots on the ground in the Ukraine?

What in the world are we doing in the Ukraine? Obama has a thing about Putin who has and continues to pull his chain, not so much the Iranians.They get a pass. No help for the Kurds. So, anyone want to ask at a presser what this is all about. The soldier sure sounds American to me. Here we go.

Amid the devastation of yesterday’s Mariupol artillery strikes which killed or wounded dozens, which was promptly blamed by both sides on the “adversary” – and has been proclaimed by both ‘sides’ (more on that later) as more violent than before the truce – an ‘odd’ clip has emerged that appears to provide all the ‘proof’ a US intelligence officer would need to surmise that US military boots are on the ground in Ukraine. As the following clip shows, a Ukrainian journalist approaches what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier (since he is wearing a Ukrainian military uniform and is carrying an AK) and asked him as they run through the battlezone, “tell me, what happened here?” His response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.

With daily reportage of the ‘invasion’ of Russian military forces into Ukraine territory (admittedly unconfirmed by NATO), this clip raises many questions about American involvement in the ongoing conflict – most of all, was the US involved in the “staging” the Mariupol massacre, and if so it is clear who should be blamed (and isolated).More and a H/T:Zero Hedge

Here is a clip which focuses just on the exchange in question:

Forward to 2:36 for the ‘Ukrainian’ soldier’s response:


19 Responses to “U.S. now has boots on the ground in the Ukraine?”

  1. My Article Read (1-26-2015) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] U.S. now has boots on the ground in the Ukraine? […]

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  2. Zip-a-Dee Says:

    This shows how the people over there don’t want war. It’s as the depraved powers that be are using this country to carry out it’s ‘forward agenda’ where they don’t belong & they’re not wanted. Even though they’re speaking their own language we can understand by their expression their thoughts about it and resulting feelings. http://russia-insider.com/en/ukraine/2015/01/26/2774 Anyone who doesn’t see this as wrong are warped!

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  3. Jersey McJones Says:

    OMG. There have been US troops in Ukraine for a while now. Part of multinational training or something. It’s a little disconcerting, but not news.



  4. the unit Says:

    My old ears not so good. Sounds like he says “outta my face.” If American “boots” in Ukrainian uniform, no Geneva Convention rules apply. Then again what rules would apply to this administration?

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  5. Petetmc3 Says:

    Obama is no fool. He will do precisely what his puppet masters direct him to do. That seems to be hands off ISIS and hands on Russia.

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  6. mcnorman Says:

    What is the clown thinking? Oh nevermind, he’s too busy cud chewing nicotine gum during official parade presentations in India.

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  7. Zip-a-Dee Says:

    Good fine Bunker – local reporting! Before fraud in chief even lied that there wouldn’t be there probably was already – not just ‘advisers’.
    “U.S. Government/Central Bankers Push Agenda, Ukraine” = oil reserves, control over resources, money.
    It’s sad. Again the evils striping away peoples right and lives there. The appetite of greed and wickedness is never satisfied.


  8. Paul H. Lemmen Says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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