The Russian bear rattles the world, but Obama remains mute

Well, Obama has his finger on the throttle on foreign policy doesn’t he? In one failed foreign policy after another, this leading from behind will get us speaking Russian. A reminder of our boy savant who claimed during the Romney debate, that this cold war thing was so yesterday. Here we go:

Russian strategic bombers conducted a third circumnavigation of the U.S. Pacific island of Guam last week as other bombers flew close to Alaska and Europe, defense officials said.

Two Tu-95 Bear H bombers made the flight around Guam, a key U.S. military hub in the western Pacific, on Dec. 13. No U.S. interceptor jets were dispatched to shadow the bombers.

Separately, two Canadian F-18s intercepted two Bear bombers that intruded into the Alaska air defense identification zone on Dec. 8 that a military spokesman called “unwanted, provocative, and potentially destabilizing.”

Around the same time in Europe, NATO jets intercepted Russian Tu-95 and Tu-22 Backfire bombers also conducting provocative flights.

Russian warplanes, including four Bear Hs and two Tu-22M Backfire bombers were shadowed as they flew simulated bombing runs from bases in Russia to the Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad for four days beginning on Dec. 7.

More over at Free Beacon

Obama: When your were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said ‘Russia,’ not Al Qaeda, you said ‘Russia.’ The nineteen eighties are now calling to ask for their foreign-policy back, because the cold war has been over for twenty years.

Romney: Russia — I indicated is a geopolitical foe (Obama interrupts) Excuse me. It’s a geopolitical foe, and I said in the same in the same paragraph — I said — and Iran is the greatest national security threat we face. Russians does continue to battle us in the UN time and time again. I have clear eyes on this. I’m not going to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Russia or Mr. Putin.

Aunt Chippy with ‘Chips Tips’ in wrapping gifts

Here is a break from politics that is guaranteed to tickle the ole fuuny bone. Anyone who has wrapped gifts can appreciate Aunt Chippy’s problems.

Some rough language.

Freed Cuba Alan Gross ‘My ordeal due to U.S. belligerence UPDATE’

 We are selling out the Cuban freedom fighters to save your sorry ass? When you had no business trying to set up internet equipment in Cuba? Cuba just gave Russia permission to set up a spy center. Anyone remember that Cuba almost started WWIII by allowing Russian Nukes to be set up inside their border aimed at us?

Russia ‘to reopen Cold War Cuban listening post used to spy…

Daily Mail

Jul 16, 2014

Russia has agreed to reopen a major Cold War listening post on Cuba that was used to spy on America, it was reported today.

Moscow-based daily Kommersant claimed Russia and Cuba have struck a deal ‘in principle’ after President Vladimir Putin visited the island last week.

Citing several sources within Russian authorities, the respected daily wrote: ‘The agreements were finalised while President Vladimir Putin visited Havana last Friday.

Conservatives on Fire : So, Obama wants to pick a fight with Russia, create chaos in the Middle East, screw over Israel, place sanctions on Cuba’s puppet,Venezuela, but he wants to normalize relations with Cuba. If somebody can make sense out of all of that, please enlighten me. Please!

At a news conference in Washington, Mr. Gross said he supported Mr. Obama’s move toward normalizing relations with Cuba, adding that his own ordeal and the injustice with which Cuban people have been treated were “a consequence of two governments’ mutually belligerent policies.”

“Five and a half decades of history show us that such belligerence inhibits better judgment,” Mr. Gross said. “Two wrongs never make a right. This is a game-changer, which I fully support.”

More NY Times Earlier today I posted:

Obama forgets the law while claiming to open up Cuban trade

Covers the laws Obama intends to break.

Obama forgets the law while claiming to open up Cuban trade

So how does the Emperor plan on implementing his new Cuban policy? By stepping on Congress and implementing his new love affair with the Cuban Communist regime? I checked out a number of the links given by wikipedia and they appear correct. Oh, the pen and phone. That is how he can do it so he thinks. The latest issue to divide us. And please Pope. Stay out of our affairs. While everyone hails your kind pastoral approach, your background speaks volumes. What are you doing about human rights? Murdered Christians? First the pope and then the law.Two posts today.

Pope Francis role during Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ come back again?

Will Francis’s role during Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ come back to haunt him?

From 1973 to 1979, a period that overlapped with military dictatorship lasting from 1976 to 1983, Francis served as the top Argentine Jesuit official. During that time, the Catholic Church remained silent in the face of widespread human rights violations during the country’s so-called “Dirty War,” an effort by the military government to root out dissent by torture, murder, and disappearances.

.Bergoglio has been criticized by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) for his behavior during the 1976-1983 dictatorship in Argentina, with some journalists claiming that he prevented human rights groups from finding political prisoners by imprisoning them in his vacation home.

Back to post:

Currently, the Cuban embargo is enforced mainly with six statutes: the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, the Cuba Assets Control Regulations of 1963, the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992, the Helms–Burton Act of 1996, and the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000.[2] The Cuban Democracy Act was signed into law in 1992 with the stated purpose of maintaining sanctions on Cuba so long as the Cuban government refuses to move toward “democratization and greater respect for human rights”.[3] In 1996, Congress passed the Helms–Burton Act, which further restricted United States citizens from doing business in or with Cuba, and mandated restrictions on giving public or private assistance to any successor government in Havana unless and until certain claims against the Cuban government are met. In 1999, U.S. President Bill Clinton expanded the trade embargo even further by also disallowing foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies to trade with Cuba. In 2000, Clinton authorized the sale of “humanitarian” U.S. products to Cuba.

Read more Wikipedia (Since the post, this article has been entirely rewritten excluding any mention of the above material.)

New York Schools features Van Jones anti-cop lesson plan

Do you wonder where these marchers against the Police have come from? They are our own school based indoctrinated children who are being taught to hate cops. Let me take you back in my way back machine and drag out an old post. Yes, our man Van Jones is giving it to us under the guise of Common Core. Posted December, 2010.

van-jones (1)

A new Human Rights Curriculum that was recently introduced to middle schools and high schools all across New York is a disservice to students because it wastes precious instruction time which would be more wisely spent on academic fundamentals. Big Government

Last Friday, December 10, over 1,000 New York students took part in the inaugural webcast of the “Speak Truth to Power” curriculum distributed by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights and New York State United Teachers

From Van Jones Police Brutality

by SpeakTruthToPower on November 9, 2010 in Lesson Plans


  • 9 – 12 and Higher Education


  • Justice, Fair Treatment

Additional Resources –Sickening!

After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Know who Van Jones is and why he is a human rights defender.
  • Understand the issue of police brutality within the U.S. and internationally.
  • Understand the impact media has in advancing a position or perspective on an issue.
  • Understand the connection between policies and financing policy positions.
  • Examine the roles of oppression and repression and police brutality.


  • Drawing inferences
  • Making conclusions
  • Researching, organizing and interpreting information
  • Inquiry and critical thinking
  • Group discussion



  • Instruct the students to read the Van Jones interview from Speak Truth to Power and to read the article Lessons from a Killing.
  • Ask the students to respond to the following questions:
    • What is excessive force? Is there a base standard or is it situational?
    • The Aaron Williams case happened 15 years ago. Do you think the situation has changed? Explain?
    • Identify three strategies regarding work with the media that Van Jones implemented in order to achieve justice for Aaron Williams.
    • Did Van Jones believe all police to be racist?

Read the complete “lesson Plan” Here

Need a little more? Try this post:

Al Gore, Van Jones, Lisa Jackson to speak to 10,000 youth activists

Let the indoctrination begin…
Former Vice President, Nobel Laureate and junk scientist Al Gore will give the keynote address next month to 10,000 youth activists at the Power Shift 2011 conference in Washington DC.

Van Jones and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will speak to the youths too. (Power Shift 2011)

For four days, young leaders will come together for Power Shift 2011 — a historic summit where activists will get the skills they need to create clean and just energy solutions in communities around the country and around the world.

The brainwash summit will be held in April PR Newswire reported:

Val Jar with her best bud as she brought Van Jones into their den of vipers.

DARPA and the development of the self-guided bullet

Here is the next nasty fellow that is coming down the pipeline. If we can hold on to the “secret” it could be a game changer. Here we go:

DARPA has done the “almost” impossible and created something that we’ve only seen in the movies.

This year, DARPA has successfully tested its self-guided, mid-flight-changing .50 cal. projectile. DARPA’s “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO) project is tasked with “developing more accurate military artillery that will enable greater firing range, minimize the time required to engage with targets, and also help reduce missed shots that can give away the troops’ location.”

It seems that the projectile operates in the same manner as laser-guided bombs used in the GWOT. A few months ago, DARPA successfully tested the .50 cal. bullet at a distance of 1.2 miles. The projectile uses optical sensors in its nose to gather in-flight information and internal electronic systems that control the projectile’s fins—which most likely deploy in-flight, as they cannot be seen from the EXACTO photos.

More over at Business Insider

Notes from video (There is no sound):

DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program recently conducted the first successful live-fire tests demonstrating in-flight guidance of .50-caliber bullets. This video shows EXACTO rounds maneuvering in flight to hit targets that are offset from where the sniper rifle is initially aimed. EXACTO’s specially designed ammunition and real-time optical guidance system help track and direct projectiles to their targets by compensating for weather, wind, target movement and other factors that could impede successful aim.

The EXACTO program is developing new approaches and advanced capabilities to improve the range and accuracy of sniper systems beyond the current state of the art. For more information, please visit the program page at

Taxpayers on hook for banks 303 trillion dollars of derivatives

Strange isn’t it. Barely a word out of the media as to the atrocities that are being committed by this ludicrous budget bill just passed. Even Fox news has chosen to ignore any exploration as to how much we have been hosed. Drudge for some reason is more concerned with Sony. I jumped up and down about millions of current retirees at risk for losing their pensions. Congress’ backroom pension-cutting deal is even worse than expected. How would you feel about losing your Social Security? Here we go:

Courtesy of the Cronybus(sic) last-minute passage, government was provided a quid-pro-quo $1.1 trillion spending allowance with Wall Street’s blessing in exchange for assuring banks that taxpayers would be on the hook for yet another bailout, as a result of the swaps push-out provision, after incorporating explicit Citigroup language that allows financial institutions to trade certain financial derivatives from subsidiaries that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp,explicitly putting taxpayers on the hook for losses caused by these contracts. Recall:

Five years after the Wall Street coup of 2008, it appears the U.S. House of Representatives is as bought and paid for as ever. We heard about the Citigroup crafted legislation currently being pushed through Congress back in May when Mother Jones reported on it. Fortunately, they included the following image in their article:  Click on image to enlarge:




Unsurprisingly, the main backer of the bill is notorious Wall Street lackey Jim Himes (D-Conn.), a former Goldman Sachs employee who has discovered lobbyist payoffs can be just as lucrative as a career in financial services.

More plus graphs over at Zero Hedge

Sunday respite: ‘Mary did you know?

For those wishing politics, the various votes for the Omnibus Budget Bill including the Cruz amendment with a breakdown of individual votes can be found at an earlier post:

Vote Tally Count Omnibus budget bill -UPDATE PASSED!

Obama: ‘I Spend Most of My Time Watching ESPN in the Morning’

After taking the vapors from yesterday’s fiasco, I committed myself to never post the spoken word of this master of deceit. This one? Like a bad headache from too much of the night before, it is the first honest statement from this man which I really can believe. Receiving the Daily Briefing must be a real pain in the butt. Enjoy.

Via the Free Beacon, alternate headline: “Semi-retired president now fully retired.” Makes me wonder if he isn’t secretly bummed that House Democrats didn’t finish off his presidency last night on the cromnibus vote. Had he gone down in flames there, he really could have spent the next two years watching ESPN all day.During the interview, the president admitted that he spends the bulk of his morning television time tuning in to ESPN rather than the news.H/T: Hot Air

“I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning,” Obama said. “I get so much politics, I don’t, you know, want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.”

The admission is consistent with a speech the president gave this past summer during which he admitted that he does not watch the news.

“Sometimes when you’re watching the news — which I generally don’t do because I — whatever they’re reporting on I usually know about,” Obama remarked during a DNC event in Seattle, Washington. “But it can get depressing, right?”
Read more at Red Alert Politics

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Vote Tally Count Omnibus budget bill -UPDATE PASSED!

This is the post you are probably looking for:

Vote tally Count House vote of gov funding bill until September 2017

Below is an earlier vote.

U.S. House approves $1.15 Trillion in 2016 Federal Spending, 316-113.

Thanks to Gov Track.About GovTrack


Here is a link to the Senate individual votes:

Vote Summary By Senator Name By Vote Position By Home State

UPDATE 2: Here’s the House roll call of the vote

All Votes

Nay   R   Byrne, Bradley AL 1st
Nay   R   Roby, Martha AL 2nd
Nay   R   Rogers, Mike AL 3rd
Yea   R   Aderholt, Robert AL 4th
Nay   R   Brooks, Mo AL 5th
Nay   R   Palmer, Gary AL 6th
Yea   D   Sewell, Terri AL 7th
Yea   R   Young, Don AK
Yea   D   Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ 1st
Yea   R   McSally, Martha AZ 2nd
Nay   D   Grijalva, Raúl AZ 3rd
Nay   R   Gosar, Paul AZ 4th
Nay   R   Salmon, Matt AZ 5th
Nay   R   Schweikert, David AZ 6th
Nay   D   Gallego, Ruben AZ 7th
Nay   R   Franks, Trent AZ 8th
Yea   D   Sinema, Kyrsten AZ 9th
Nay   R   Crawford, Eric AR 1st
Yea   R   Hill, French AR 2nd
Yea   R   Womack, Steve AR 3rd
Nay   R   Westerman, Bruce AR 4th
Nay   R   LaMalfa, Doug CA 1st
Yea   D   Huffman, Jared CA 2nd
Yea   D   Garamendi, John CA 3rd
Nay   R   McClintock, Tom CA 4th
Yea   D   Thompson, Mike CA 5th
Yea   D   Matsui, Doris CA 6th
Yea   D   Bera, Ami CA 7th
Yea   R   Cook, Paul CA 8th
Yea   D   McNerney, Jerry CA 9th
Yea   R   Denham, Jeff CA 10th
Yea   D   DeSaulnier, Mark CA 11th
Yea   D   Pelosi, Nancy CA 12th
Yea   D   Lee, Barbara CA 13th
Yea   D   Speier, Jackie CA 14th
Yea   D   Swalwell, Eric CA 15th
Yea   D   Costa, Jim CA 16th
Yea   D   Honda, Mike CA 17th
Yea   D   Eshoo, Anna CA 18th
Nay   D   Lofgren, Zoe CA 19th
Yea   D   Farr, Sam CA 20th
Yea   R   Valadao, David CA 21st
Yea   R   Nunes, Devin CA 22nd
Yea   R   McCarthy, Kevin CA 23rd
Yea   D   Capps, Lois CA 24th
Yea   R   Knight, Steve CA 25th
Yea   D   Brownley, Julia CA 26th
Yea   D   Chu, Judy CA 27th
Yea   D   Schiff, Adam CA 28th
Yea   D   Cárdenas, Tony CA 29th
Yea   D   Sherman, Brad CA 30th
Yea   D   Aguilar, Pete CA 31st
Yea   D   Napolitano, Grace CA 32nd
Nay   D   Lieu, Ted CA 33rd
Nay   D   Becerra, Xavier CA 34th
Yea   D   Torres, Norma CA 35th
Yea   D   Ruiz, Raul CA 36th
Yea   D   Bass, Karen CA 37th
Yea   D   Sánchez, Linda CA 38th
Yea   R   Royce, Ed CA 39th
Yea   D   Roybal-Allard, Lucille CA 40th
Nay   D   Takano, Mark CA 41st
Yea   R   Calvert, Ken CA 42nd
Nay   D   Waters, Maxine CA 43rd
Yea   D   Hahn, Janice CA 44th
Yea   R   Walters, Mimi CA 45th
Yea   D   Sanchez, Loretta CA 46th
Yea   D   Lowenthal, Alan CA 47th
Nay   R   Rohrabacher, Dana CA 48th
Yea   R   Issa, Darrell CA 49th
Nay   R   Hunter, Duncan CA 50th
Yea   D   Vargas, Juan CA 51st
Yea   D   Peters, Scott CA 52nd
Yea   D   Davis, Susan CA 53rd
Yea   D   DeGette, Diana CO 1st
Nay   D   Polis, Jared CO 2nd
Nay   R   Tipton, Scott CO 3rd
Nay   R   Buck, Ken CO 4th
Nay   R   Lamborn, Doug CO 5th
Yea   R   Coffman, Mike CO 6th
Yea   D   Perlmutter, Ed CO 7th
Yea   D   Larson, John CT 1st
Yea   D   Courtney, Joe CT 2nd
Yea   D   DeLauro, Rosa CT 3rd
Yea   D   Himes, James CT 4th
Yea   D   Esty, Elizabeth CT 5th
Nay   D   Carney, John DE
Nay   R   Miller, Jeff FL 1st
Yea   D   Graham, Gwen FL 2nd
Nay   R   Yoho, Ted FL 3rd
Yea   R   Crenshaw, Ander FL 4th
Yea   D   Brown, Corrine FL 5th
Nay   R   DeSantis, Ron FL 6th
Yea   R   Mica, John FL 7th
Nay   R   Posey, Bill FL 8th
Yea   D   Grayson, Alan FL 9th
Nay   R   Webster, Daniel FL 10th
Yea   R   Nugent, Richard FL 11th
Yea   R   Bilirakis, Gus FL 12th
Yea   R   Jolly, David FL 13th
Yea   D   Castor, Kathy FL 14th
Yea   R   Ross, Dennis FL 15th
Yea   R   Buchanan, Vern FL 16th
Yea   R   Rooney, Thomas FL 17th
Yea   D   Murphy, Patrick FL 18th
Nay   R   Clawson, Curt FL 19th
Yea   D   Hastings, Alcee FL 20th
Yea   D   Deutch, Theodore FL 21st
Yea   D   Frankel, Lois FL 22nd
Yea   D   Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL 23rd
Yea   D   Wilson, Frederica FL 24th
Yea   R   Diaz-Balart, Mario FL 25th
Yea   R   Curbelo, Carlos FL 26th
Yea   R   Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL 27th
Yea   R   Carter, Buddy GA 1st
Yea   D   Bishop, Sanford GA 2nd
Yea   R   Westmoreland, Lynn GA 3rd
Nay   D   Johnson, Hank GA 4th
Yea   D   Lewis, John GA 5th
Yea   R   Price, Tom GA 6th
Yea   R   Woodall, Rob GA 7th
Yea   R   Scott, Austin GA 8th
Yea   R   Collins, Doug GA 9th
Nay   R   Hice, Jody GA 10th
Yea   R   Loudermilk, Barry GA 11th
Yea   R   Allen, Rick GA 12th
Yea   D   Scott, David GA 13th
Yea   R   Graves, Tom GA 14th
Yea   D   Takai, Mark HI 1st
Yea   D   Gabbard, Tulsi HI 2nd
Nay   R   Labrador, Raúl ID 1st
Yea   R   Simpson, Mike ID 2nd
Yea   D   Rush, Bobby IL 1st
Yea   D   Kelly, Robin IL 2nd
Yea   D   Lipinski, Daniel IL 3rd
Nay   D   Gutiérrez, Luis IL 4th
Yea   D   Quigley, Mike IL 5th
Yea   R   Roskam, Peter IL 6th
Yea   D   Davis, Danny IL 7th
Yea   D   Duckworth, Tammy IL 8th
Yea   D   Schakowsky, Jan IL 9th
Yea   R   Dold, Bob IL 10th
Yea   D   Foster, Bill IL 11th
Yea   R   Bost, Mike IL 12th
Yea   R   Davis, Rodney IL 13th
Nay   R   Hultgren, Randy IL 14th
Yea   R   Shimkus, John IL 15th
Yea   R   Kinzinger, Adam IL 16th
Yea   D   Bustos, Cheri IL 17th
Nay   R   LaHood, Darin IL 18th
Yea   D   Visclosky, Peter IN 1st
Yea   R   Walorski, Jackie IN 2nd
Nay   R   Stutzman, Marlin IN 3rd
Yea   R   Rokita, Todd IN 4th
Yea   R   Brooks, Susan IN 5th
Yea   R   Messer, Luke IN 6th
Yea   D   Carson, André IN 7th
Yea   R   Bucshon, Larry IN 8th
Nay   R   Young, Todd IN 9th
Nay   R   Blum, Rod IA 1st
Yea   D   Loebsack, David IA 2nd
Nay   R   Young, David IA 3rd
Nay   R   King, Steve IA 4th
Nay   R   Huelskamp, Tim KS 1st
Nay   R   Jenkins, Lynn KS 2nd
Yea   R   Yoder, Kevin KS 3rd
Nay   R   Pompeo, Mike KS 4th
Nay   R   Whitfield, Ed KY 1st
Yea   R   Guthrie, Brett KY 2nd
Yea   D   Yarmuth, John KY 3rd
Nay   R   Massie, Thomas KY 4th
Yea   R   Rogers, Hal KY 5th
Yea   R   Barr, Andy KY 6th
Yea   R   Scalise, Steve LA 1st
Yea   D   Richmond, Cedric LA 2nd
Yea   R   Boustany, Charles LA 3rd
Nay   R   Fleming, John LA 4th
Nay   R   Abraham, Ralph LA 5th
Nay   R   Graves, Garret LA 6th
Yea   D   Pingree, Chellie ME 1st
Yea   R   Poliquin, Bruce ME 2nd
Nay   R   Harris, Andy MD 1st
Yea   D   Ruppersberger, A. Dutch MD 2nd
Yea   D   Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
Yea   D   Edwards, Donna MD 4th
Yea   D   Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
Yea   D   Delaney, John MD 6th
Yea   D   Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
Yea   D   Van Hollen, Chris MD 8th
Yea   D   Neal, Richard MA 1st
Yea   D   McGovern, Jim MA 2nd
Yea   D   Tsongas, Niki MA 3rd
No Vote   D   Kennedy, Joseph MA 4th
Yea   D   Clark, Katherine MA 5th
Yea   D   Moulton, Seth MA 6th
Yea   D   Capuano, Michael MA 7th
Yea   D   Lynch, Stephen MA 8th
Yea   D   Keating, William MA 9th
Yea   R   Benishek, Dan MI 1st
Yea   R   Huizenga, Bill MI 2nd
Nay   R   Amash, Justin MI 3rd
Yea   R   Moolenaar, John MI 4th
No Vote   D   Kildee, Daniel MI 5th
Yea   R   Upton, Fred MI 6th
Yea   R   Walberg, Tim MI 7th
Yea   R   Bishop, Mike MI 8th
Yea   D   Levin, Sander MI 9th
Yea   R   Miller, Candice MI 10th
Yea   R   Trott, Dave MI 11th
Yea   D   Dingell, Debbie MI 12th
Yea   D   Conyers, John MI 13th
Yea   D   Lawrence, Brenda MI 14th
Yea   D   Walz, Timothy MN 1st
Yea   R   Kline, John MN 2nd
Yea   R   Paulsen, Erik MN 3rd
Yea   D   McCollum, Betty MN 4th
Nay   D   Ellison, Keith MN 5th
Nay   R   Emmer, Tom MN 6th
Yea   D   Peterson, Collin MN 7th
Yea   D   Nolan, Richard MN 8th
Yea   R   Kelly, Trent MS 1st
Nay   D   Thompson, Bennie MS 2nd
Yea   R   Harper, Gregg MS 3rd
Yea   R   Palazzo, Steven MS 4th
Yea   D   Clay, Lacy MO 1st
Yea   R   Wagner, Ann MO 2nd
Yea   R   Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO 3rd
Yea   R   Hartzler, Vicky MO 4th
Yea   D   Cleaver, Emanuel MO 5th
Yea   R   Graves, Sam MO 6th
Nay   R   Long, Billy MO 7th
Nay   R   Smith, Jason MO 8th
Yea   R   Zinke, Ryan MT
Nay   R   Fortenberry, Jeff NE 1st
Yea   D   Ashford, Brad NE 2nd
Nay   R   Smith, Adrian NE 3rd
Yea   D   Titus, Dina NV 1st
Nay   R   Amodei, Mark NV 2nd
Nay   R   Heck, Joseph NV 3rd
Nay   R   Hardy, Cresent NV 4th
New Hampshire
Nay   R   Guinta, Frank NH 1st
Yea   D   Kuster, Ann NH 2nd
New Jersey
Yea   D   Norcross, Donald NJ 1st
Yea   R   LoBiondo, Frank NJ 2nd
Yea   R   MacArthur, Tom NJ 3rd
Yea   R   Smith, Chris NJ 4th
Nay   R   Garrett, Scott NJ 5th
Yea   D   Pallone, Frank NJ 6th
Nay   R   Lance, Leonard NJ 7th
Yea   D   Sires, Albio NJ 8th
Yea   D   Pascrell, Bill NJ 9th
Yea   D   Payne, Donald NJ 10th
Yea   R   Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ 11th
Yea   D   Watson Coleman, Bonnie NJ 12th
New Mexico
Yea   D   Lujan Grisham, Michelle NM 1st
Yea   R   Pearce, Steve NM 2nd
Yea   D   Luján, Ben NM 3rd
New York
Yea   R   Zeldin, Lee NY 1st
Yea   R   King, Pete NY 2nd
Yea   D   Israel, Steve NY 3rd
Yea   D   Rice, Kathleen NY 4th
Yea   D   Meeks, Gregory NY 5th
Yea   D   Meng, Grace NY 6th
Yea   D   Velázquez, Nydia NY 7th
Yea   D   Jeffries, Hakeem NY 8th
Yea   D   Clarke, Yvette NY 9th
Yea   D   Nadler, Jerrold NY 10th
Yea   R   Donovan, Daniel NY 11th
Yea   D   Maloney, Carolyn NY 12th
Yea   D   Rangel, Charles NY 13th
Yea   D   Crowley, Joe NY 14th
Yea   D   Serrano, José NY 15th
Yea   D   Engel, Eliot NY 16th
Yea   D   Lowey, Nita NY 17th
Yea   D   Maloney, Sean NY 18th
Yea   R   Gibson, Christopher NY 19th
Yea   D   Tonko, Paul NY 20th
Yea   R   Stefanik, Elise NY 21st
Yea   R   Hanna, Richard NY 22nd
Yea   R   Reed, Tom NY 23rd
Yea   R   Katko, John NY 24th
Yea   D   Slaughter, Louise NY 25th
Yea   D   Higgins, Brian NY 26th
Yea   R   Collins, Chris NY 27th
North Carolina
Yea   D   Butterfield, G.K. NC 1st
Yea   R   Ellmers, Renee NC 2nd
Nay   R   Jones, Walter NC 3rd
Yea   D   Price, David NC 4th
Yea   R   Foxx, Virginia NC 5th
Nay   R   Walker, Mark NC 6th
Yea   R   Rouzer, David NC 7th
Nay   R   Hudson, Richard NC 8th
Yea   R   Pittenger, Robert NC 9th
Yea   R   McHenry, Patrick NC 10th
Nay   R   Meadows, Mark NC 11th
Yea   D   Adams, Alma NC 12th
Nay   R   Holding, George NC 13th
North Dakota
Yea   R   Cramer, Kevin ND
Yea   R   Chabot, Steve OH 1st
Yea   R   Wenstrup, Brad OH 2nd
Yea   D   Beatty, Joyce OH 3rd
Nay   R   Jordan, Jim OH 4th
Nay   R   Latta, Robert OH 5th
Yea   R   Johnson, Bill OH 6th
Nay   R   Gibbs, Bob OH 7th
Yea   D   Kaptur, Marcy OH 9th
Yea   R   Turner, Michael OH 10th
Yea   D   Fudge, Marcia OH 11th
Yea   R   Tiberi, Pat OH 12th
Yea   D   Ryan, Tim OH 13th
Yea   R   Joyce, David OH 14th
Yea   R   Stivers, Steve OH 15th
Yea   R   Renacci, James OH 16th
Nay   R   Bridenstine, Jim OK 1st
Yea   R   Mullin, Markwayne OK 2nd
Yea   R   Lucas, Frank OK 3rd
Yea   R   Cole, Tom OK 4th
Yea   R   Russell, Steve OK 5th
Yea   D   Bonamici, Suzanne OR 1st
Yea   R   Walden, Greg OR 2nd
Yea   D   Blumenauer, Earl OR 3rd
Yea   D   DeFazio, Peter OR 4th
Nay   D   Schrader, Kurt OR 5th
Yea   D   Brady, Robert PA 1st
Yea   D   Fattah, Chaka PA 2nd
Nay   R   Kelly, Mike PA 3rd
Nay   R   Perry, Scott PA 4th
Yea   R   Thompson, Glenn PA 5th
Yea   R   Costello, Ryan PA 6th
Nay   R   Meehan, Patrick PA 7th
Yea   R   Fitzpatrick, Michael PA 8th
Nay   R   Shuster, Bill PA 9th
Nay   R   Marino, Tom PA 10th
Nay   R   Barletta, Lou PA 11th
Nay   R   Rothfus, Keith PA 12th
Yea   D   Boyle, Brendan PA 13th
Yea   D   Doyle, Mike PA 14th
Yea   R   Dent, Charles PA 15th
Yea   R   Pitts, Joseph PA 16th
Yea   D   Cartwright, Matthew PA 17th
Yea   R   Murphy, Tim PA 18th
Rhode Island
Yea   D   Cicilline, David RI 1st
Yea   D   Langevin, Jim RI 2nd
South Carolina
Nay   R   Sanford, Mark SC 1st
Yea   R   Wilson, Joe SC 2nd
Nay   R   Duncan, Jeff SC 3rd
Nay   R   Gowdy, Trey SC 4th
Nay   R   Mulvaney, Mick SC 5th
Yea   D   Clyburn, Jim SC 6th
Yea   R   Rice, Tom SC 7th
South Dakota
Yea   R   Noem, Kristi SD
Nay   R   Roe, Phil TN 1st
Nay   R   Duncan, John TN 2nd
Yea   R   Fleischmann, Chuck TN 3rd
Nay   R   DesJarlais, Scott TN 4th
Yea   D   Cooper, Jim TN 5th
Nay   R   Black, Diane TN 6th
Nay   R   Blackburn, Marsha TN 7th
No Vote   R   Fincher, Stephen TN 8th
Yea   D   Cohen, Steve TN 9th
Nay   R   Gohmert, Louie TX 1st
Yea   R   Poe, Ted TX 2nd
Nay   R   Johnson, Sam TX 3rd
Nay   R   Ratcliffe, John TX 4th
Yea   R   Hensarling, Jeb TX 5th
Yea   R   Barton, Joe TX 6th
Yea   R   Culberson, John TX 7th
Yea   R   Brady, Kevin TX 8th
Yea   D   Green, Al TX 9th
Yea   R   McCaul, Michael TX 10th
Yea   R   Conaway, Michael TX 11th
Yea   R   Granger, Kay TX 12th
Yea   R   Thornberry, Mac TX 13th
Yea   R   Weber, Randy TX 14th
Yea   D   Hinojosa, Rubén TX 15th
Yea   D   O’Rourke, Beto TX 16th
Yea   R   Flores, Bill TX 17th
Yea   D   Jackson Lee, Sheila TX 18th
Yea   R   Neugebauer, Randy TX 19th
Yea   D   Castro, Joaquin TX 20th
Nay   R   Smith, Lamar TX 21st
Yea   R   Olson, Pete TX 22nd
Yea   R   Hurd, Will TX 23rd
Yea   R   Marchant, Kenny TX 24th
Nay   R   Williams, Roger TX 25th
Yea   R   Burgess, Michael TX 26th
Nay   R   Farenthold, Blake TX 27th
No Vote   D   Cuellar, Henry TX 28th
Yea   D   Green, Gene TX 29th
No Vote   D   Johnson, Eddie TX 30th
Yea   R   Carter, John TX 31st
Yea   R   Sessions, Pete TX 32nd
Yea   D   Veasey, Marc TX 33rd
Yea   D   Vela, Filemon TX 34th
Nay   D   Doggett, Lloyd TX 35th
Nay   R   Babin, Brian TX 36th
Yea   R   Bishop, Rob UT 1st
Yea   R   Stewart, Chris UT 2nd
Yea   R   Chaffetz, Jason UT 3rd
Yea   R   Love, Mia UT 4th
Nay   D   Welch, Peter VT
Nay   R   Wittman, Robert VA 1st
Yea   R   Rigell, Scott VA 2nd
Yea   D   Scott, Bobby VA 3rd
Nay   R   Forbes, Randy VA 4th
Nay   R   Hurt, Robert VA 5th
Nay   R   Goodlatte, Bob VA 6th
Nay   R   Brat, Dave VA 7th
Yea   D   Beyer, Donald VA 8th
Nay   R   Griffith, Morgan VA 9th
Yea   R   Comstock, Barbara VA 10th
Yea   D   Connolly, Gerald VA 11th
Yea   D   DelBene, Suzan WA 1st
Yea   D   Larsen, Rick WA 2nd
Yea   R   Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA 3rd
Yea   R   Newhouse, Dan WA 4th
Yea   R   McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA 5th
Yea   D   Kilmer, Derek WA 6th
Nay   D   McDermott, Jim WA 7th
Yea   R   Reichert, David WA 8th
Yea   D   Smith, Adam WA 9th
Yea   D   Heck, Denny WA 10th
West Virginia
Nay   R   McKinley, David WV 1st
Nay   R   Mooney, Alex WV 2nd
Yea   R   Jenkins, Evan WV 3rd
Yea   R   Ryan, Paul WI 1st
Nay   D   Pocan, Mark WI 2nd
Yea   D   Kind, Ron WI 3rd
Yea   D   Moore, Gwen WI 4th
Yea   R   Sensenbrenner, James WI 5th
Yea   R   Grothman, Glenn WI 6th
Yea   R   Duffy, Sean WI 7th
Yea   R   Ribble, Reid WI 8th
Nay   R   Lummis, Cynthia WY

UPDATE: Below is the post is from 2014. It will be updated at the time of the next vote.

For individual votes, click on “blue” colored  labeled votes below. FINAL VOTE!

uestion: On the Motion (Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 83 )
Vote Number: 354 Vote Date: December 13, 2014, 09:50 PM
Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Motion Agreed to
Measure Number: H.R. 83 (A bill to require the Secretary of the Interior to assemble a team of technical, policy, and financial experts to address the energy needs of the insular areas of the United States and the Freely Associated States through the development of action plans aimed at reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels and increasing use of indigenous clean-energy resources, and for other purposes. )
Measure Title: To require the Secretary of the Interior to assemble a team of technical, policy, and financial experts to address the energy needs of the insular areas of the United States and the Freely Associated States through the development of energy action plans aimed at promoting access to affordable, reliable energy, including increasing use of indigenous clean-energy resources, and for other purposes.
Vote Counts: YEAs 56
NAYs 40
Not Voting 4
Vote Summary By Senator Name By Vote Position By Home State

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress cleared a $1.1 trillion spending bill for President Barack Obama’s signature late Saturday night after a day of Senate intrigue capped by a failed, largely symbolic Republican challenge to the administration’s new immigration policy.

The vote was 56-40 in favor of the measure, which funds nearly the entire government through the Sept. 30 end of the fiscal year. It also charts a new course for selected shaky pension plans covering more than 1 million retirees, including the possibility of benefit cuts. See post:

Omnibus Budget deal to cut retirees benefits for millions UPDATE

**Update  Cruz Amendment below, Final vote above for Omnibus.

Posted. Pops up on the grey Dec 13 line for breakdown of individual votes.Have a good night, I’m done.


YEAs —22
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Burr (R-NC)
Crapo (R-ID)
Cruz (R-TX)
Fischer (R-NE)
Grassley (R-IA)
Hoeven (R-ND)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Lee (R-UT)
Moran (R-KS)
Paul (R-KY)
Portman (R-OH)
Risch (R-ID)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rubio (R-FL)
Scott (R-SC)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)

The measure failed when it came up for a vote in the Senate. But since some Republicans, like Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), were whipping votes, according to a congressional GOP aide, in favor of Obama’s executive amnesty against Cruz’s measure, a surprisingly high number of Republicans voted to reaffirm Obama’s executive amnesty. The measure failed with 22 senators voting for it and 74 voting against it. Toomey’s office hasn’t responded to a request for comment as to why he was whipping votes against Cruz’s measure, and in favor of Obama’s amnesty.

Here is the Senate roll call vote Cruz:

Dec 13 353 (22-74)

Below is the House Vote for Omnibus. Final Vote, passed.

UPDATE:219 yea 204 nays 11 nv. Breakdown click on Yeas and Nays below.

 H R 83      YEA-AND-NAY      11-Dec-2014      9:37 PM
QUESTION:  On Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendment with an Amendment
BILL TITLE: An Act to require the Secretary of the Interior to assemble a team of experts to address the energy needs of the insular areas of the United States and Freely Associated States through the development of energy action plans aimed at promoting access to energy

Here is an easier to read breakdown of the House vote by State click here: Gov Track

TOTALS 219 206   10

Below is the previous Procedural Vote.

Here is an easy to look at link to the breakdown of votes for the Procedural Vote. This is not the final vote, but looks like it is going to be close. Boehner should be embarrassed since he said he had it in the bag.

UPDATE: Word is out that the final vote delayed. Not enough votes. Pelosi against it as well as Warren. So now we have to depend on Obama whipping up enough Dems to pass this monstrosity.

Vote break down by State and Name at  click on Gov Track Vote breakdown

Floor Drama: Boehner Embarrassment As House Nearly Kills Omnibus On Procedural Vote

The final vote on Speaker John Boehner’s 1,603-page, more than $1 trillion omnibus spending bill is in jeopardy after members almost killed the bill on the rule. A total of 214 members voted for it, less than the majority of members in the House, but since all members weren’t voting, the 212 against the rule wasn’t enough to kill it.

Time for voting had run out minutes before, and briefly the nays—those against the rule—had the majority. At least one Republican had switched a vote from being against the rule to for it, at which time the presiding officer used procedural chicanery to quickly call the vote passed.

H.Res. 776: Providing for consideration of the Senate amendment to the bill (H.R. 83) to require the Secretary of the …

On the Resolution in the House

House Vote #561 [primary source:]
Dec 11, 2014 (113th Congress)

This was a vote to agree to H.Res. 776. This resolution sets the rules for debate for another bill, such as limiting who can submit an amendment and setting floor debate time.

  YEA 214
214 0
  NAY 212
16 196
4 5
REQUIRED: Simple Majority
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