Congresswoman Lummis heartbreaker story with Obamacare

All right. I watched the whole Gruber hearing farce today. This sums up the whole thing.

Rep. Cynthia Lummis finishes her questioning time at the health care hearing by talking about her husband, who died from a heart attack, and the problems they had with health care.

Here he is in all his arrogance.

John Boehner is trying to pass a $1 trillion spending bill before conservatives can read it

Add the Pork riddled NDAA coming down, Boehner stuffing all this down our throats without the light of day,one can only wonder what this recent election was all about. What about Obamacare, EPA, etc? Thats all folks.

America's Watchtower

john-boehner-crying John Boehner is on one hell of a roll: First, it appears as if he tricked the conservatives in the House to vote for a bill which actually gives the President the legal standing with the Congress to grant Executive amnesty and now it appears as if he is trying to pass the $1 trillion “cromnibus” spending bill before anyone can read it. In case you have not heard the term “cromnibus” before it is a combination of a Continuing Resolution and an omnibus spending bill, and he claims it is a compromise designed to appease conservatives who want to fight Barack Obama’s Executive amnesty.

  Here is more on John Boehner’s attempt at pulling a Nancy Pelosi on the spending bill:

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