RINO’s and Dems join in cutting military benefits. Merry Christmas Scrooge

Onward we go with the Omnibus spending bill. Forget that within a month we will control Congress. By all means, let us “do” the NDAA as well and apparently screw the military. Perfect. Here is Hugh Hewitt and his take on it. But first look at the other pork present that the GOP is adding, but of course we cannot be fair to our military.We can only imagine what else we will find out because we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.

Congress Includes Land Grab Provisions in National Defense Authorization

Some lawmakers negotiated the inclusion of land grab provisions in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which will expand the already massive federal real state holdings.

The Senate aide told Breitbart News that highlights of the lands provision include:

  • 275,000 acres designated as new Wilderness Areas;
  • A Women’s History Museum;
  • Four new National Parks seven National Park studies for new parks to be;
  • 16 National Heritage extensions;
  • Three new Wild and Scenic River (WSR) designations and three new WSR studies that are expected to become new designations; and
  • Land entitlement for Sealaska, an Alaska Native Regional Corporation

Critics consider those provisions pork because they have nothing to do with defense or national security. The NDAA provides guidance for U.S. defense spending and policy. It is considered a “must-pass” legislation.

The public land provisions are included the text of the NDAA for fiscal 2015 under “TITLE XXX—NATURAL RESOURCES RELATED GENERAL PROVISIONS.”

Back to the military:

“Harry Reid screwed this up all year long and President Obama and now Republicans are going along with the screwing of the military. I do not know why we bother to win elections when we turn around and screw the people we campaign on,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said on his show last night after an interview with Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

Yesterday the lame-duck Senate released its detailed plan for the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation cuts the pay raise for the military, imposes caps on basic housing allowance and imposes co-pays on prescription drugs totaling $5 billion in overall cuts.

All of the pay and benefits trims were backed by the Pentagon and White House in an effort to slow the growth of personnel costs. The housing cuts and pharmacy co-pays were the final sticking points for lawmakers, with a compromise reached after nearly a month of behind-the-scenes fights.When asked to explain the reasoning behind the cuts, especially when the federal government funds so much nonsense, the best Inhofe could come up with in the interview was, “We need a bill.” Inhofe sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee 

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