Sunday Respite: ‘You’ll never walk alone’

 Keith Koffler over at White House Dossier posted “A Sad Day” the day the news broke about Obama and what he had planned to do on Immigration. He expressed my sentiments exactly.

As the news broke Wednesday that President Obama would finally do what he has been threatening to do for months, the emotion that gripped me was not the one I expected. It was not anger, not frustration, not sarcasm, and not contempt.

It was just sadness. It was a feeling that something had died.

This is a turning point. This is a new nation. Fundamentally changed.

If we are indeed to become a country in which the chief executive ignores laws and does as he pleases, then we are finished.

An excellent post, and worth the wander over for the full read at White House Dossier.  This song came to mind. A bit maudlin as I think about it today, but expressed my feelings at the time.

It’s been a tough week for Conservatives and our dear Republic. 

André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing You’ll Never Walk Alone live in Maastricht. Taken from the DVD André Rieu & Friends,

19 Responses to “Sunday Respite: ‘You’ll never walk alone’”

  1. My Article Read (11-23-2014) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Sunday Respite: ‘You’ll never walk alone’ […]


  2. geeez2014 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more…it’s so SAD, just achingly SAD to see what this president is doing. And we’re so powerless even when the voter spoke 2 weeks ago. SO WHAT? Go ahead, SPEAK, Obama doesn’t give a darn!

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  3. Petermc3 Says:

    I will repeat a comment i made in the blogosphere before: On 9/12/2001 Bush had the one and only opportunity to avoid this whole discussion when he neglected to issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER for shoot to kill orders at our southern and northern borders. Who, I repeat who, during such a highly emotionally charged moment would have dared to challenge him? After all isn’t emotion what the democrats use during every crisis real or imagined to push through their nation destroying agenda? And give credit to the illegal importer in chief for continuing the left’s number one play: incrementalism. He has left the door open for the wholesale influx of not hundreds of thousands but millions of outsiders to overrun our borders and our country. This cannot and will not be stopped if the republicans are the only card we have to play in this stacked deck. Our proverbial goose is cooked.

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  4. Angel Says:

    Bless you my loyal patriot friend now and always!..Happy Thanksgiving and eat tons of dessert..ha!

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  5. zip Says:

    We all want to know that we’re not alone in this world, this life, but what does that mean? Most people are around others most of the time, even when alone there’s a phone to call someone, or just walk outside and you run into someone. So that ’emotional down deep feeling of being alone’ is more on a spiritual and soul nature. Walk on with ‘a hope’ in your heart – what is that ‘hope’ and how does it ‘keep us from walking alone?’
    Nice choice Bunker. Interesting that at the beginning the red sun graphics in the background – kind-of symbolic. Our earthy life connection to the physical sun. ‘Hope’ in the spiritual realm, that keeps us walking, is found in the ‘Son’ of Glory and Love – that connection verifies in us a knowing that we’re truly not alone; ‘Hope’ in the One who can fill our hearts with more than just a dream – instead a sure reality, for now & into Eternity.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Observant ZIp regarding the Sun in the background. I doubt that there are many reflecting on the changes ahead for us. We can have peace knowing there is more to life than this earthly plane.


  6. LadyRavenSDC Says:

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    What Republic?

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  7. Paul H. Lemmen Says:

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  8. John Says:

    I could see the point if it weren’t for the fact that all the other presidents who have ever used executive orders have not been all that much maligned for the practice and every president from washington on down has done it. Why is it so different when Obama does it? And while I am here, is it true that the Republican-led Congress simply doesn’t want to do anything about Immigration Reform and if they don’t why don’t they? I think sometimes some of this stuff is as confusing to me as it is to anyone.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Your comment reflects the talking points of the Administration. Others have made the arguments why this is different, no need for me repeat.
      The GOP hopefully wants to secure the border first. Otherwise this is the beginning not the end of hordes of poor people and potential terrorists walking right in.
      Who is going to pay for the schooling and healthcare? My property taxes are over the top already, and I will be forced to move. If you rent. watch for it to rise.
      It is estimated that each alien will cost $20,000 a year.

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      • John Says:

        I am kind of different I guess — my idea of securing the border is to send armed drones aloft with recognition cameras and to create a mile-wide “No man” zone between the borders … put in some concertina wire …. put in some foot patrols of dogs and soldiers …. road the length of the border with armed helicopters and personnel carriers ….. put up some observation towers with machine guns every few miles along the border …. use a little infra-red nighttime sensing technology and make the following offer to any would-be illegals: “Get through the obstacles and you are granted immediate full citizenship. Don’t get through the obstacles and you will be guaranteed an appropriate memorial service.” So how about that? Is that a practical solution to the problem? Isn’t that what Gee-Zuss would do?


      • bunkerville Says:

        Sorry you don’t get the issue. What about our poor whites and Blacks? Don’t we owe them first? Why would you even think that we can support millions of illiterates is beyond me. Our Nation is broke, but that is for the next generation to deal with.

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      • John Says:

        The issue as I see it is since we have the problem we ought to quit all the pussyfooting around and build a defense against illegal immigration or catch them at the border and give them 12 years at hard labor like other countries do …. Russia and North Korea to name a couple …. I am assuming they don’t have the kind of problems with illegals that we do because they have the balls to tackle the problem …..The only thing we owe to our poor blacks and whites is the opportunity to do some kind of productive work or to charge them all with loitering and put them to work in pinstripes fixing the infrastructure. I am fully on board with background checks and means testing for every cent of welfare paid out in this country to anybody and I think each individual case ought to be reassessed every year or so by a penel of physicians who will certify that the welfare recipients are either truly unfit for work or that they are capable of working and if they are found capable of working then their welfare payments get cut off unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are actively seeking productive employment. We can’t support millions of illiterates …. not illiterates from foreign countries who want to come here and get a free ride and definitely not the millions of illiterates in Red States that get the bulk of Federal Welfare funding. I don’t know what the backward baseball caps and the beer bellied hootin’ holler dwellers would do without their monthly “check” do you? My idea? Cut out all forms of welfare altogether and forever and never give it a thought again ….. let them fend for themselves! Not just certain select groups of them but ALL of them!

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