Turley: ‘Obama tears at the very fabric of our Constitution’

Here we go. We know the drill. Is this the beginning of the Fall of the United States? There are many speaking out on what our Emperor is about to do. The clip below from Progressive Jonathan Turley and Megyn Kelly sums it up completely. Now Obama can go back out on the stump, organizing once again. Perhaps the real reason why he is doing what he apparently plans to do. Feeding his ego is a priority, so now he can visit his precious few “friendlies.”  Obama is so disappointed since the major networks have declined his wish to carry his latest edict live tonight.

Jonathan Turley: Obama’s Executive Amnesty ‘Tearing at the Very Fabric of the Constitution’

This says it all.


19 Responses to “Turley: ‘Obama tears at the very fabric of our Constitution’”

  1. My Article Read (11-20-2014) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Turley: ‘Obama tears at the very fabric of our Constitution’ […]


  2. zip Says:

    This means that for Obama to get away with what he is about to attempt, Congressional Republicans will have to allow him to get away with it. It means that Congressional Republicans want amnesty too, but want to be able to use Obama’s unilateral move as a political hammer later… http://www.newswithviews.com/JBWilliams/williams292.htm
    ‘Does Barack Hussein Obama have any constitutional authority to alter U.S. Immigration and Naturalization laws or rules via Executive Order?
    The answer is not just NO, it is absolutely not!’ (Free Republic)
    This Regime ‘used’ the ‘kids at Sandy Hook Ruse’ to push for gun control, are now ‘using’ the Mexican’s for another Anti-American scheme.
    The Statue of Liberty states: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” AND ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ will give you our corrupt and mentality ill politicians and cronies!

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  3. comradematrix Says:

    The other day I’m talking to a trucking industry exec on the problems of finding folks to be truckers. There’s ‘0’ unemployment in the trucking industry. Many are retiring but no one is in the pipeline. So I say, well maybe with the expected influx with Obama’s decree you’ll have some people to fill those seats. No. He said its really a cultural thing. None will want to be regional or long haul truckers, they want to be close to their families. Ok, that’s reasonable I suppose, but so much for ‘taking the jobs American’s don’t want to do’ bs.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I notice when I take a break on the Turnpikes, there are few young drivers. Usually it is the old one’s hobbling out of the truck and walking across the lot. It will be interesting to see where the polls go after this fiasco tonight. I called my Rep, said he is opposed to what is going down. Watch out for Reconciliation versus CR coming this December. This is a sleeper. Some in the House have been working underground to force a year’s budget bill which would preclude any attempt to control Obama. That is why Reid was wanting him to wait. But it may have gone down the tubes with Obama coming out tonight.


      • comradematrix Says:

        There’s a lot of reasons for the trucking shortage but retirement is one of the biggest. Its going to get interesting in the next few years. Obama may not be listening to Reid or anyone else at this point. He really reminds me more and more of Jimmy Carter. When Carter was losing so miserably against Reagan, Tip O’Neill begged him to wait until the polls closed on the west coast before conceding. Carter refused to listen. Dems lost big in CA that year. Hubris is just part of their personality.

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  4. Always On Watch Says:

    I see that we have posted the same video for today — independent of each other, I might also say.

    I will swallow my gorge and try to watch this speech tonight. I expect him to use certain language, and I posted a comment about that over at Z’s blog just a few minutes ago.

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  5. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Obama is going to make good on his promise to “fundamentally” change America even if that means all Americans will have to learn Spanish to get by in his new version.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I just sent for my copy of Rosetta Stone — a Spanish language learning program here.


    • mcnorman Says:

      They won’t stop. You have to understand that these people practice their living in the same manner as the “old” country. That’s why lying, cheating, and voter fraud make no difference. It is the way that they have lived. They see nothing wrong with this. They are also of the same mentality that one must bow down to them

      I am ashamed of these posers that champion my heritage. They are lazy. No matter how much you favor them, they will still have the hand out. It is the way of the political machine in Mexico and S America. They know no difference and they come here to behave in the same manner that they have been accustomed to. They don’t want to assimilate. They want to be accepted and force their heritage on everyone else. They want everyone to do as they do. I remember growing up thinking to myself how they placed roadblocks to their own destinies with their “proud” heritage. Most didn’t have a clue about the their “proud” history so I always questioned their “proud” heritage.

      My mother came to this country legally. The hardship was incredible. She had five children and each learned the importance of opportunity. Opportunity to grow, not to hold onto some pretentious faux beliefs from an ass backward country. I can’t begin to tell you how emotional this road has been. When she stood next to the Liberty Bell, she stood proudly knowing that she came to the country where the road was paved with opportunity.

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