Let’s fix our problems!

Something for us to think about as we head into next week’s election.

It’s our future, lets fix our problem!


15 Responses to “Let’s fix our problems!”

  1. the unit Says:

    A little before the internet…
    “Yesterday, 497 years ago, a priest (and a monk) by the name of Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the palace church in Wittenberg. Some say this started the Reformation, and in a way it did. But these were things he thought the church should discuss, and THIS WAS THE NORMAL METHOD of bringing them to the authorities attention…… But there were some bad consequences as well of this schism 500 years ago, such as the 30 Years War which devastated Germany.”
    So it ain’t over yet even on Nov.4.
    Credit for the quote to Nebraska Energy Observer @ at his website.


  2. the unit Says:

    All the blogs I frequent are quiet. Waiting, waiting I think on pins and needles for results for the vote come Tuesday.

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  3. the unit Says:

    Hang the progressives separately, or hang them together.

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  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Excellent! I do not know that changing some D’s for R’s will be enough. We’ll have to wait an see what the R’s do. They have already said they will not try to repeal ObamaCare.


  5. Steve Dennis Says:

    Well done video, thanks for sharing it! This might be our last chance, I hope everyone is taking this seriously.

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