Iraq’s WMDS did exist, Karl Rove blamed for coverup

Mark Levin challenged Conservatives on his radio show yesterday to pick up this story and go with it. He opined that few sites would because Karl Rove had his long nasty fingers in the coverup, and Fox in particular would not go near it. Now we learn that indeed there were tons of yellow cake found and functional chemical weapons found in Iraq after Bush went to war. Around 2004 the evidence was there.. That all the various intelligence services of various countries were right. Hussein had WMD’s. Our own soldiers injured by them. To me it was a block buster story back in June when I first heard, that indeed Iraq did have WMD’s. What I didn’t know was that Karl Rove was involved.

I posted the story back on June 24, 2014 — bunkerville ISIS in Iraq Occupy Hussein’s Chemical Weapons Facility – anyone concerned?.  My comment then:

This story has been puzzling me for about a week. Alas, apparently I am one of a handful that has given any thought to this. We all know the drill. No “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were found which caused Bush , Cheney, et al to bear the burden of “The Bad War.” Iraq. We do know that Sadam blasted the Kurds with WMD’s with the estimated deaths of over 50,000. So then Iraq did have a Chemical factory? So page forward. No weapons were found, but oh shucks, we have a few bunkers with “unstable” chemical weapons that we are assured are just too dangerous to handle. So not to worry. All is well in the parallel universe. Earth to fellow humans: Am I the only one questioning this whole story line? Must be that darn tin foil.

There’s one man, some Republicans say, who kept the public from learning about the chemical shells littered around Iraq. He was Bush’s most important political adviser.
Starting in 2004, some members of the George W. Bush administration and Republican lawmakers began to find evidence of discarded chemical weapons in Iraq. But when the information was brought up with the White House, senior adviser Karl Rove told them to “let these sleeping dogs lie.”The issue of Iraq’s WMD remnants was suddenly thrust back into the fore this week, with a blockbuster New York Times report accusing the Bush administration of covering up American troops’ chemically induced wounds.According to Wurmser, “in 2005-6, Karl Rove and his team blocked public disclosure of these (findings) and said ‘Let these sleeping dogs lie; we have lost that fight so better not to remind anyone of it.’”Rove declined to comment for this story.More over at Daily Beast

Uploaded on May 18, 2011. Last time I posted back in June I said believe what you want.

US Army Ordinance Soldiers destroy Iraqi weapons depots in a HUGE explosion in Khamisiyah, Iraq 1991. A compilation of videos discussing the exposure of US troops to Iraqi chemical weapons located at the Khamisiyah, Iraq weapons storage complex.


4 Responses to “Iraq’s WMDS did exist, Karl Rove blamed for coverup”

  1. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Sounds like someone didn’t want the war to end. Follow the money!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      You may be right. Or were we sending the weapons to who knows who? Maybe both.


  2. Petermc3 Says:

    It would appear that the Karl Rove juggernaut to dissemble the GOP rolls on. While some democrat candidates blame Bush and the republicans for the Ebola mess due to their cutting funds for this and that Rove polarizes the R voters with his war on the Taxed Enough Already party candidates. How different is he from Obola; neither of them suffer in the credibility department regardless of their disastrous machinations.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      There has to be a whole lot more going on with this. Bush couldn’t be that ignorant not to clear himself? On second thought…


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