Chamber of Commerce to back Democrat Mary Landrieu

Think you have heard it all? I am waiting to hear from Karl Rove on this one. The Chamber of Commerce is willing to offer up the Senate to the Dems by supporting Landrieu. Even worse is the bizarre election process  that takes place in Louisiana.  So we will be waiting until December to probably know the outcome of the control of the Senate. One can only imagine next December. Keep in mind Reid paid her off with millions of bucks for the final vote to push forward Obamacare. Here we go.

Rob Engstrom, the US Chamber of Commerce’s national political director, recently told a gathering of trade association executives that the Chamber planned to endorse Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu in her reelection bid this year. The endorsement, reported by the New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, could decide the balance of power in the Senate and preserve Sen. Harry Reid as majority leader.

In the RealClearPolitics average of polls, she trails her leading Republican challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy, by one point. An endorsement from the Chamber could throw her a critical lifeline as she tries to separate herself from Obama and national Democrats and position herself as a conservative Democrat.

Louisiana holds its primary election on the same day other states conduct their general election. The top two voter getters in Louisiana then proceed to a run-off election in December. It is not improbable that control of the Senate could hang on the outcome of the December run-off in Louisiana. Having endorsed Landrieu, the Chamber would find itself fighting to keep Democrats in control of the Senate. 
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So Chamber, is it all about clout and not one of the most corrupt politicians?

Here is an old post just for the memory back in 2009

Landrieu To Hold Fundraiser for Reid

Yesterday, Mary Landrieu closed the deal for a payoff to Louisiana in exchange for her vote to let Harry Reid’s health care restructuring bill go to Senate floor debate. The deal had been negotiated over weeks, with initial reports putting the price tag at $100 million, only to haveLandrieu brag that the real price was $300 million.

Named as one of the 15 most corrupt politicians, it was only a question of “how much” for her vote. Its LA remember? 

Landrieu, D-La., violated federal bribery laws in getting a $2 million earmark for a reading program whose executives and lobbyists donated to her 2002 re-election campaign.

Landrieu brags that the real price was $300 million as opposed to $100 million to get her Reid Vote. No shame whatsoever. We will never know how much was promised to the rest of the Dems for their 30 pieces of silver in the form of a yes vote.

Now, it turns out that Landrieu has agreed to hold a fundraiser for Reid in New Orleans:

She and political consultant James Carville will host a brunch for Senator Reid  on Dec. 12 at the St. Charles Avenue home of David Voelker, an investor who chairs the Louisiana Recovery Authority and was a supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

I am sure the two are not connected. Just like Landrieu’s vote had nothing to do with the payoff.–hustling-earmarks-and-skirting-the-law

Yes, all about the clout


15 Responses to “Chamber of Commerce to back Democrat Mary Landrieu”

  1. TexasRanger Says:

    Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu and Barack Obama Need Your Help For More of The Same in 2015 and 2016!

    This is Not About Racism, it’s About Obama Politics! Watch the Videos.…

    Senator Mary Landrieu Said Louisiana Voters Are Racists! Obama is Doing His Best To Fix This…..

    Louisiana Voters – Go Vote 2014!

    But, Remember – Vote For Democrats or Don’t Vote At All!

    Obama is Watching and Waiting!



  2. Obama flip-flops on Export-Import Bank position | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] because those big buck are calling once again. This time it is the Import-Export Bank. Recall   Chamber of Commerce to back Democrat Mary Landrieu? It was all over the support of the Import-Export […]


  3. Petermc3 Says:

    Calvin Coolidge said The business of America is business. Too bad the Chamber of Commerce has forgotten this.


    • bunkerville Says:

      They sully themselves big time.


  4. Jersey McJones Says:

    LOL! This sounds all very sinister and everything to you guys, I know, but the Chamber has been leaking it’s intention to support Landrieu for a while now, and yes it is to keep the GOP from taking the Senate, and the reason for that is that the national business community does not believe the current GOP can govern competently, let alone responsibly. I don’t blame them.



    • bunkerville Says:

      The Business of the Chamber is business so they say.Too bad they have to dig deep in the cess pool and find this corruptacrap.


  5. Steve Dennis Says:

    All I can say is hopefully the Senate is decided at that point and this will not matter. But I wonder how much sway the Chamber of Commerce holds with the American people.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Not that much. But they do have deep pockets and can give money to Mary. According to the NYT:
      As it turns out, the 2012 strategy was a flop. According to The Washington Post, the chamber’s candidates lost in 13 of the 15 Senate races it poured money into. On the House side, the chamber went four for 22. Thus did the chamber find itself in the worst of all worlds. It had alienated Democrats, including the kind of pro-business Democrats who believe in the sort of practical politics that business prefers. Yet it had also helped usher in the Tea Party, only to discover that its strain of right-wing populism was as disdainful of business as it was of government.


      • Steve Dennis Says:

        Well that is good news!


  6. geeez2014 Says:

    this is so upsetting I can’t say much. WHAT THE HELL?!


    • bunkerville Says:

      Just imagine what next December could be like as we await the outcome of this corrupt state.


  7. Paladin Says:

    A Democrat with ethical issues? You don’t say! Wasn’t that other Democrat with 100K in bribe money found in his freezer from Louisiana? I also recall something about Mayor Ray from New Orleans going up for corruption. Do you suppose that there’s something in the water in Louisiana or are the Democrats just that corrupt? Unless I miss my guess, the words Democrat and Corruption are nearly synonyms.


    • bunkerville Says:

      And the Chamber of Commerce is more than happy to play the game even if it means we lose control of the Senate. Nice, very nice.


  8. Petermc3 Says:

    Its a good bet the voters will do their part to keep the corrupt in corruption.


    • bunkerville Says:

      and the voter rolls will call up the dead especially if it comes down to this race in December.


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