State Department ‘No evidence Hamas plays any roll in Palestinian Government’

But then again, the State Department doesn’t know anything about China’s Hypersonic Missile Test either. Good news, no one home for the 3:00 am phone call. Apparently not for any phone call. As Hamas blasts away at Israel.

Hey Jan, here is a heads up:

Via Guardian: Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in

….The new government will reunite Gaza and the West Bank under a single political authority for the first time since 2007, when Hamas – which won Palestinian legislative elections in 2006 – asserted control over the Gaza Strip, forcing out Fatah….

Psaki must’ve missed this article.

How else to explain this exchange, from yesterday?

Via Free Beacon: State Dept: ‘No Evidence That Hamas Plays Any Role’ in Palestinian Government

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki claimed again Tuesday that “no evidence” existed that the terrorist organization Hamas “plays any role” in the Palestinian government.

A reporter asked Psaki if President Mahmoud Abbas bore any blame for the current fighting between Israel and Hamas, saying, “at one point, yes, it was a conflict between just the U.S. and Hamas, and Abbas had no real kind of skin in the game, because it was between the two parties even though it was affecting the Palestinian people directly. But now, he’s part of a unity government and has some influence with Hamas now, wouldn’t you say?”

” Well, we have no evidence that Hamas plays any role in the interim technocratic government, and as far as we know, there have also been no steps taken for the implementation of the reconciliation,” Psaki said…

How else to explain this exchange, from yesterday?


Bonus time. Just to get the old laugh-o-meter rolling. Note the laughter from the journalist. From Deputy Spokesperson, Marie Harf who knows nothing about nothing:

Marie Harf on China’s Hypersonic Missile Test

Marie- here is a head’s up as well.

China has successfully tested its first hypersonic missile delivery vehicle capable of penetrating US missile defense system and delivering nuclear warheads with record breaking speeds, Pentagon officials have confirmed.

The new hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV), dubbed the WU-14 was allegedly spotted flying at record-breaking speeds during a flight test over China on January 9, an anonymous Pentagon official told the Washington Free Beacon.

The new weapon delivery system is reportedly designed to be launched as the final stage of China’s intercontinental ballistic missile, which would approach its target at a velocity of up to 10 times the speed of sound. Hypersonic speed range lies between Mach 5 and Mach 10, or 3,840 to 7,680 miles per hour.

The Chinese are “actively seeking global military power to challenge the United States, and it is not yet in any mood to talk, or engage in arms control, about it,” Fisher said.

In May, the Pentagon’s assessment of Chinese capabilities suggested that China built the world’s largest shockwave hypersonic wind tunnel capable of generating test flying conditions of up to Mach 9 speeds.

Two Chinese technical papers from December 2012 and April 2013 revealed that the country is developing precision guidance systems designed to be directed via satellite. The second Chinese paper concluded that hypersonic weapons pose “a new aerospace threat.”

Read more  Here

H/T: Tammy Bruce


14 Responses to “State Department ‘No evidence Hamas plays any roll in Palestinian Government’”

  1. Jersey McJones Says:

    Hamas and the PA are two different things. You guys know that, right? You do remember when Fatah and Hamas fought it out just a few friggin’ years ago, right? It was a big deal. Politically split the Occupied Territories. Anyone? Anyone remember all that? … (a breeze blows by…)



    • bunkerville Says:

      Sure, and Abbas is our new best friend as well and a friend of Israel. (A breeze blows by)


    • bunkerville Says:

      Via Guardian: Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in– Check out the link above.


  2. Slamdunk Says:

    We sure are heading into interesting times. Scary interesting times and with too many Moe, Larry, and Curly-types leading us. Some of the stuff the admin tries to get the public to digest is beyond comprehension.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Low information taken to a new low.


  3. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Psaki probably gets her information from John “The Lurch” Kerry who isn’t even sure where Israel is.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Great point. Maybe he can ask his child’s in-laws who live in Iran.


  4. Paladin Says:

    Ms. Psaki seems to be receiving poor TV reception. After all, isn’t that how the left receives most of it’s information? Hasn’t President Obama said that about the numerous scandals that plague his administration? Regardless of their problems with Comcast, the terrorist organization known as Hamas is indeed part of the Palestinian government. While Ms. Psaki is also likely ignorant of this fact given her spotty knowledge of the Middle East, perhaps she should take a leaning annex course on it or something, the Palestinian people turned to Hamas at their very first opportunity to vote. Declaring their hostility for Israel once, and for all.

    Hamas has in it’s charter that it will never recognize Israel, therefore if it is part of the Palestinian government and it will never recognize Israel, then how can there ever be peace? While Ms. Psaki is also likely unaware of that as well, Israel is certainly aware of it. Come to think of it, of what use is Ms. Psaki? Oh that’s right, she is a paid liar for the administration. Just like Carney was.

    Well, there you go.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Dude, that was so yesterday. How can we expect more from these teenie boppers? That is what we appear to have. Another great reply, and the snark was hard not to chuckle to.


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    Psaki is so obviously an agent for Obama’s Ministry of Truth.

    Do the American people really believe the hogwash that the woman spews?


    • bunkerville Says:

      Reality? What reality.


  6. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


    • bunkerville Says:



      • Brittius Says:

        You’re welcome.


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