Former NSA analyst tells Germany that ‘NSA has totalitarian mentality’

While everyone has had their knickers in a knot over Snowden and his revelations, William Binney, a former NSA analyst told us what has been going down years ago. That is why I never bought the story of Snowden as being the operative. I covered this in the post Edward Snowden – the great spy hoax of the century? .

In 2007 Binney’s home was raided by the FBI during a leaks investigation. This week Binney testified before a special committee of the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, that is looking into the NSA’s spying activities in the country and Germany’s own intelligence services’ complicity in those activities.

Testifying, Binney accused the NSA of having a “totalitarian mentality” and wanting “total information control” over citizens in breach of the US constitution. It was an approach that until now the public had only seen among dictators, he added.

Deutsche Welle reports:. (Worth the full read.)

Mass collection was “senseless” and did not help in counterterrorism, and actually hindered the agency’s capabilities, Binney said.

The NSA represented the “greatest threat” to American society since the US Civil War of the 19th century, Binney added.

German media also report that the NSA targeted Internet users who encrypted data or tried to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Here the filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans’ personal data. 

12 Responses to “Former NSA analyst tells Germany that ‘NSA has totalitarian mentality’”

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    […] Former NSA analyst tells Germany that ‘NSA has totalitarian mentality’ […]


  3. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    I’m gonna harp, guess I am a harpy, lol.

    We won’t, we can’t, effect real and lasting change until we stop supporting the current political parties. The establishment is not interested in changing anything.

    Removing the corrupting influence of money from our political system and government through campaign finance reform. Constituents are PEOPLE who live in a district. Only constituents have the right to donate to a candidate/elected official. That’s it, no one else has standing to help a candidate get elected – not even political parties. Political parties can help by providing volunteers and scheduling debates, meet & greets. Their assistance can’t be, in any way, monetary.

    This will restore the loyalty, obedience, and dependence of our representatives to the People – where it belongs.

    After we elected representatives who will obey the Constitution, as written, pass only necessary & proper laws, and obey only their constituents, we can begin restoring legitimacy to our federal government.

    The Patriot Act, and all the evil it spawned, must be repealed.

    ….typing the last words of my comment, thinking about everything that needs to be corrected….we’re fvcked.


  4. Paladin Says:

    The terror attacks of 9/11 provided the motivation to strengthen our drive to prevent future attacks. This is especially true given the mass casualties and billions of dollars worth of damage to property, and the damage done to the American economy. In fact, we are still experiencing the ripples from that attack today. However, our founders knew that no security was worth the price of liberty. That is why we have laws that protect an individual’s privacy.

    Unfortunately as technology improved, it also brought with it new and ever more invasive intrusions of privacy. Cell phones that can track your location or be turned into bugs with the right equipment and know how, scanning technology that can identify the numbers and locations of individuals within buildings, GIS systems that have photos of your property and everything on it, and numerous other ways into personal and private data. Worse, many citizens are unaware of just how precarious their expectation of privacy really is today. I would even go so far as to say that privacy is now an illusion more so than a fact.

    If we stand by and do nothing about these invasions of our privacy, no matter the intent, we will one day find that our liberty will be lost to us. If there is no privacy, then how can there be dissent? Without dissent, you can have no liberty. This is the very reason for the first amendment that protects political speech, and by so doing, it protects the very foundation of freedom. This is why courts have traditionally taken a very dim view of the invasion of privacy.

    In my opinion, there can be no justification for generalized invasion of privacy that occurs today. If you suspect a crime or connections to terrorism, then you certainly ought to be able to articulate the reasoning behind such suspicions to a court in order to obtain a warrant for the transgression of privacy. A government is comprised of people, and the ethics of the general population is always in doubt. This is why the IRS targeted the Democrat’s political enemies. It is why four Americans died in the dessert of Libya. Our founders did not trust that the intentions of man were always benign, and neither should we.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Well said. Both the Dems and the GOP need to acknowledge the danger of this. Why they cannot appreciate what they have done or refuse to doe, makes no sense if they want to have their children live in a free society.


  5. Jersey McJones Says:

    The more I follow this story, the more grateful I am to Snowden, and the less hopeful I am for my country’s future. There is just not enough political impetus to shrink the police and military estates, and they are the most oversized and dangerous elements of our government.



  6. Steve Dennis Says:

    Well, it looks like you were ahead of everyone on this story. There is no doubt in my mind the NSA is hiding behind the shroud of national security to collect information on everybody.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Yet the GOPers continue to pass the NDAA which includes detention of us as well. My regulars must be tired of my Binney posts, but either he played a roll, or others were the original leakers and passed them on to Snowden. The NY Times first reported in 2012 the NSA story, before Snowden. The real questions is why Obama is after Merkel and Germany? Another reveal this morning about a double agent spying on Germany. Why Germany? They must have stuff on Obama.


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