Medicare Drug Coverage saved in part by Whitewater’s Webb Hubbell

Anyone recall Webb Hubbell of Hillary Clinton’s early years at the Rose law firm? Many believed he played an important part in the Whitewater cover up. Interesting that yesterday I happened to post how HHS Nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Dumpster-Dived Dead Vince Foster’s Trash.  Vince Foster, another player in the Whitewater cover up who came to an “untimely death.”

Looks like now we have Mr. Hubbell to thank in part for saving  Medicare’s s Part D Drug coverage of certain drugs. We knew that Medicare was going to be plundered for Obamacare. This was the first step. And at the hearing of Sylvia Burrell it was claimed:

The questioning was surprisingly soft. While some lawmakers quizzed her on the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a federal agency created by the law to lower Medicare costs that some conservatives feared would be “death panels,” Burwell simply responded that it was her estimate that the board would never actually be activated. (This was the most absurd).

Please tell me what the heck taking away coverage of anti-rejection drugs leads to? Death. Period. Medicare already has cut home healthcare services. We know where that leads as well. A good story over at WND and good coverage of Hubbell’s early years.

WASHINGTON – One day after former Clinton administration official Webb Hubbell sounded off against a proposed Medicare rule change in a WND commentary, the Obama administration dropped plans to restrict access to antidepressant and antipsychotic medications, anti-rejection  and other classes of drugs as well.

“So my antennae naturally went up when an article appeared in the New York Times with the headline ‘Plan to Limit Some Drugs in Medicare Is Criticized.’ After reading the article and doing my research I came to the conclusion that HHS ‘has now gone to meddling.’”

Hubbell’s research shows the administration’s plan has to do with cost and reducing drug overuse. DHHS cites a 2008 actuarial study stating that the six protected classes accounted for 17 to 33 percent of drug spending.

“Apparently money trumps well-informed, accepted and successful medical care even if it undermines ‘a key protection for some of the sickest, most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries,’” he writes.

In a stunning reversal, the Department of Health and Human Services killed the proposal a day after the official comment period ended and a day before the House of Representatives was set to vote on a bill to block the change.

What concerned Hubbell, who served 21 months in prison in the 1990s after pleading guilty to federal charges of overbilling clients at the Rose Law Firm where he was partnered with Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster, was the DHHS plan to allow insurance companies to limit Medicare coverage for certain classes of drugs, including anti-rejection medications for transplant patients and medications to treat depression and schizophrenia in the elderly.

Hubbell said he was concerned personally about the idea because he is covered by Medicare, is a transplant survivor and takes anti-rejection medication every day.

After Hubbell resigned as the third ranking official in the U.S. Justice Department and before his indictment, he received legal consulting contracts for $450,000 from various clients including $100,000 from the Chinese-connected Indonesian Riady family and $62,755 from Revlon at the recommendation of Clinton confidant and political fixer Vernon Jordan. This became the focus of an investigation by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Starr found Hubbell “did little or no work for the money paid by his consulting clients,” but determined there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the money was intended to influence Hubbell’s cooperation with investigators in the Whitewater investigation.

Read more at WND if one wants a refresher on the corrupt Hillary Clinton.


7 Responses to “Medicare Drug Coverage saved in part by Whitewater’s Webb Hubbell”

  1. the unit Says:

    Actually under Hillary’s healthcare plan, you broke the law buying healthcare out of her system. And doctors broke the law seeing you as a patient and accepting private payment. Excepting her and hers of course. Ira Magaziner, plan designer, is still in the democrat drawer ready to brush off the dust like they did Podestra. Now we got John Holdren ( & Paul Ehrlich) and Ezekiel Emanuel to contend with. Seems no end to genocidal maniacs.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, an excellent reminder. Just look at the VA health system to look at our future.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    I can’t believe we are going to elect Hillary and be forced to relive this type of corruption all over again. Those who do not learn from history…..


    • bunkerville Says:

      The hearing was absurd. But this is the last roundup on this one.


  3. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks again,


      • Brittius Says:

        You’re welcome.


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