Clinton’s liberated Libya now haven for three virulent al Qaeda’s leaders

A few weeks ago, there were those who questioned what the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State were. But indeed, the Arab Spring was one of her most significant accomplishments, setting aside Benghazi itself. Now the fruits of her labor are here, and we are about to appreciate the accomplishment. Egypt? For another day. Let us be sure and give her the credit for Libya. Was it Obama? No, not his decision. He can only lead from behind, and that is a stretch.

Leaders from at least three of al Qaeda’s most virulent affiliates are now in Libya. What are they planning there? Let’s  give Hillary the full credit.

From the post:Three women who brought us the new long war in Libya

Three women in the Obama administration lobbied the President hard, over the span of a few hours, to approve the strike in Libya over the advice of his military and defense leaders. (Josh Rogin at the Cable has a full report on the meeting.)

New York Times:

In joining Ms. Rice and Ms. Power, Mrs. Clinton made an unusual break with Secretary of DefenseRobert M. Gates, who, along with the national security adviser, Thomas E. Donilon, and the counterterrorism chief, John O. Brennan, had urged caution. Libya was not vital to American national security interests, the men argued, and Mr. Brennan worried that the Libyan rebels remained largely unknown to American officials, and could have ties to Al Qaeda.”

Via Daily Beast:

Leaders from at least three of al Qaeda’s most virulent affiliates are now in Libya. What are they planning there?

In the nearly 20 months since the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks, al Qaeda operatives and allied terrorists have flocked to Libya, making the fragile North African country a hub for those seeking to wage jihad from north Africa, current and former U.S. counterterrorism officials tell The Daily Beast.

Not only does al Qaeda host Ansar al-Sharia, one of the militias responsible for the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. But U.S. intelligence now assesses that leaders from at least three regional al Qaeda affiliates—al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and members of the organization of Al-Mulathameen Brigade loyal to Algerian terrorist, Mokhtar BelMokhtar—have all established havens in the lawless regions of Libya outside the control of the central government.

One U.S. military contractor working on counter-terrorism in Africa summed up the situation in Libya today as simply, “Scumbag Woodstock.” The country has attracted that star-studded roster of notorious terrorists and fanatics seeking to wage war on the West.

An American counter-terrorism official used a different metaphor to describe the situation. “Libya today plays host to members and associates of several AQ-allied groups, in some ways becoming a jihadist melting pot,” this official told The Daily Beast. “These groups haven’t united under the same banner, but the ad hoc links and intermittent cooperation among them are worrisome, especially as some of these groups have made no secret of their desire to conduct attacks beyond Libya’s borders.”

The collapse of security in Libya comes as the House of Representatives forms a special committee to investigate the 9/11 anniversary attacks in Benghazi. Those strikes, according to an investigation from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, were the work of individuals with clear links to al Qaeda  (PDF). The report says that already in the summer before the Benghazi attacks the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency had produced reports on how al Qaeda affiliates were establishing havens in Libya.

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12 Responses to “Clinton’s liberated Libya now haven for three virulent al Qaeda’s leaders”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    But I thought al Qaeda was on the run! How anyone can even consider voting for Hillary at this point is beyond me!


    • bunkerville Says:

      News that are up to us micro bloggers. And this Africa set up is nothing more than another misadventure set up by Kerry last week when he went to Africa. Meanwhile over 10,000 Syrian children have been killed.


  2. the unit Says:

    Time to bury the blue dress? Ok. Time to acknowledge the blood stained Christian garments in the M.E. Many have paid the price of non-conversion.


  3. Petermc3 Says:

    With the continued aid and comfort of the media Hillary ‘s role in this will not strike a chord with the american voter. Her two gal pals will surely play prominent roles in her administration as will the Muslim Brotherhood sleeper Huma Weiner.


  4. ComradeMatrix (@ComradeMatrix) Says:

    Great line: “Was it Obama? No, not his decision. He can only lead from behind, and that is a stretch.” What Obama and Clinton did in Libya that preceded Benghazi they did so without Congress’s approval…certainly their own covert ops.


  5. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on


  6. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    This quote makes my blood boil: “Brennan worried that the Libyan rebels remained largely unknown to American officials, and could have ties to Al Qaeda.” That SOB was running a black ops to supply Libyan militants, including those with ties to al Qaeda, arms for more than a year at the time he made that statement.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Excellent point. What the administration is really worried about is that which was going on will be revealed including shipping arms to Syria via Turkey probably. What was the CIA doing on Benghazi. That is the important question.


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