Obama throws U.S. under the bus in Malaysia, says U.N.could sanction U.S.

So Obama wants again throws us under the bus in Malaysia. He compares us to similar Human Rights violations that the U.N. would find egregious? The very same day, this headline in Malaysia  Muslim Medical Association Urges Doctors to Amputate the Hands of Thieves » This Muslim loving President either is clueless, or prefers to see us bow to the new rise of Islam.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — President Obama celebrated America’s closer ties with the Muslim-majority nation of Malaysia Sunday, even as he suggested “there’s more work to be done” here on the issue of human rights.

Obama’s visit — the first by a U.S. president since 1966 — offered Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak a chance to show off how much the nation has advanced since President Lyndon B. Johnson stopped here decades earlier.

“Like Malaysia, we constantly have to be on guard against racial attitudes that divide us, and instead embrace our diversity as a strength,” he said. 

The president noted that some Muslims in Burma have experienced discrimination, adding, “Here in Malaysia, this is a majority Muslim country. But then, there are times where those who are non-Muslims find themselves perhaps being disadvantaged or experiencing hostility.” 

Obama emphasized his connections to Southeast Asia throughout his trip. At Saturday’sstate dinner, hosted by King Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah at the Istana Negara palace, the president spoke of his mother’s love of batik and uttered a few phrases in the local language.

He prompted shouts of appreciation during the town hall event from a delegation of Indonesians when he mentioned he had lived in their home country. And the president suggested that he would continue to promote closer ties between the United States and Asia, because it is “part of the connection I felt, and still feel, to this region.”

H/T:  Washington Post:Obama says ‘there’s more work to be done’ on human rights 

Meanwhile, this story:Muslim Medical Association Urges Doctors to Amputate the Hands of Thieves »

Before all do no harm is not exactly a major Muslim medical principle. Before all follow Sharia law is. And that’s a problem in Malaysia, which Obama compared to the US, but which is going down the dark road of Islamic law.

Muslim doctors have sworn to an Islamic doctor’s oath which also binds them to Islam as a way of life and the implementation of Islamic laws including hudud, it added.

“A Muslim doctor performs his task according to the Islamic medical doctor’s oath, which fully supports Islam as a way of life, and this includes fully supporting Shariah laws,” i-Medik chairman Prof Dr Azmi Md Nor said.

With all that in mind, you can accept that the Islamic mutilations will be carried out humanely.

H/T: Front Page Mage Muslim Medical Association Urges Doctors to Amputate the Hands of Thieves »


7 Responses to “Obama throws U.S. under the bus in Malaysia, says U.N.could sanction U.S.”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Yeah, the US is in the same category as countries like Malaysia and these other countries. Obama cannot help himself, he just loves to throw this country under the bus every chance he gets. He makes me sick!


    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree. He loves calling us out overseas.


  2. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    I wish to hell he would of stayed there. He’d feel more at home.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Home Sweet Home. I agree. This Muslim would be able to hear the sweet sounds of their whatever it is they call for prayer.


  3. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com.


    • bunkerville Says:



      • Brittius Says:

        You’re welcome.


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