Boehner: ‘I have learned to deal with jackasses’

If we thought Pelosi and Reid should get the spokesperson of the year award representing the Democrats, fear not. We have our man Boehner who even exceeds them in absurdity. Want to gain support for our party? Call people jackasses. At least Nancy doesn’t go that far. As far as the bar scene, cry baby John is well-known for his tippling of the bottle. Here we go:

Every skill he needs to do his current job he learned working in his dad’s bar, House speaker John Boehner told Jay Leno on Thursday night. Chief among them: “You have to learn to deal with every jacka** that walks in the door.”

That requires the speaker, at times, to be the “big-brother figure,” at others, “the father figure” or “the dean of students or the principal.” “Some of them I have to the Gestapo,” he said.

Boehner described his job as “trying to get 218 frogs in a wheelbarrow long enough to pass a bill.” Nonetheless, he said he welcomes the diversity of his caucus and praised the Tea Barty for bringing “great energy to the political process.” (Laugh line here) More at National Review

Here is a reminder. Of course he would not be speaker for not the Tea Party.

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