Fallujah falls to Al-Qaeda, does anyone care??

Without so much as a comment from much of anyone, the hard fought battle for Iraq goes down the tube. Afghanistan is next on the list. Why? Because once again, our military battles are nothing more than political scores to settle, and this is one Obama wanted us to lose. So now we put on the turbans, nose rings, and bring out the Korans for our Military. Let our enemies know  no need to hide in a trojan horse to gain access through our gates. Our gates welcome you.

On a personal note, feeling a bit better and look forward to getting around to my favorites bloggers. Thanks for hanging in.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz Reports from Iraq: There are “2,000 Hard-Core Al-Qaeda” in Iraq and Growing; Capable of “Serious Assaults”; U.S. Sending Arms to Iraqi Military – Video 1/23/14

Here is ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reporting from Iraq, where she said the United States has sent arms to help the Iraqi Military fight Al-Qaeda forces that have taken control of Fallujah. Raddatz reports there are 2,000 “hard-core Al-Qaeda” in Iraq now, capable of serious assaults. “An astonishing number” she said – especially when President Obama dismisses the Al-Qaeda gains as being like a “Jayvee” basketball team.

Obama’s failed, weak Foreign Policy is on full display.

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