Obama DOJ Nominee Attorney For Cop-Killing Black Panther

The Black Panther’s advocate attorney who aided Mumia Abu-Jama, Debo Adegbile (sounds like a good Christian name) is going to head up the Civil Rights Division? For those of us living in Philadelphia at the time the Officer was gunned down in cold blood, this is particularly disgusting. The family of  Danny Faulkner has been fighting for years to keep this nasty man behind bars. Here is their website for Danny. Justice for Daniel Faulkner


Let’s first take a spin in my wayback machine. Just for the memory.

Black Panthers:Justice Dept ‘culture of hostility’ exposed by Civil Rights Commission

February 1, 2011 — bunkerville |

This is an important story that could well impact the 2012 election. Honest and Free elections must be maintained, with no one above the law

“[T]here was a culture of hostility within the [Justice] Department’s Civil Rights Division to the race-neutral application of the nation’s voting laws.” – U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

The United States Commission on Civil Rights released its interim report on Friday — including statements by its commissioners – on the implications of Attorney General Eric Holder’s and the Justice Department’s actions in the New Black Panther Party case: Race Neutral Enforcement of the Law? DOJ and the New Black Panther Party Litigation: An Interim Report

“This report should have been on the front pages of every newspaper and the lead story on every TV and radio newscast,” said former police detective and military intelligence officer Mike Snopes.

See our earlier post: Black Panthers say “Prepare for War” Here

Published on Jan 9, 2014

Obama DOJ Nominee Attorney For Cop-Killing Black Panther – 1/8/2013 on the Megyn Kelly prograam. Meet the wife of Daniel Faulkner.

President Barack Obama has drawn harsh criticism from law enforcement representatives by nominating Debo Adegbile to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as Assistant U.S. Attorney General.

The 330,000-member Fraternal Order of Police slammed the nomination, referring to Adegbile as a volunteer supporter and defender of convicted Black Panther and cop-killer Wesley Cook—better known as Mumia Abu-Jamal, the world’s most notorious unrepentant cop-killer.

Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury penned a January 6, 2014 letter to the President that reads:

As word of this nomination spreads through the law enforcement community, reactions range from anger to incredulity. Under this nominee’s leadership, the Legal Defense Fund (LDF) of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People volunteered their services to represent Wesley Cook, better known to the world as Mumia Abu-Jamal — our country’s most notorious cop-killer. There is no disputing that Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner was murdered by this thug. His just sentence — death — was undone by your nominee and others like him who turned the justice system on its head with unfounded and unproven allegations of racism.

The Fraternal Order of Police did not stop there. Its scathing critique of President Obama’s nominee and its effort to defend the honor of slain police offer Daniel Faulkner continued: […] – Continued @ Breitbart News.

H/T:Birther Report

12 Responses to “Obama DOJ Nominee Attorney For Cop-Killing Black Panther”

  1. rjjrdq Says:

    Barry is looking to put this guy in a position where Cook could actually end up being freed in the future. Even worse, pile this on top of what the JD is already doing.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Something really fishy about all of this. What is really behind all of this will soon be revealed. Bet he wants to fix the election in some way. Eric’s team will be out in full force with the Panthers.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    This may be the most radical of all of Obama’s appointees and that is saying something. It is almost as if Obama is daring conservatives to do something stupid to incite a race war. Why else would he do this?


  3. justturnright Says:

    Obama is a true-believing leftist radical.
    As soon as I accepted this, everything he did suddenly made perfect sense.


  4. Jimmy Mac Says:

    MSNBC will hire him next.


  5. Jimmy Mac Says:

    Hopey/changey = dopes who got duped by the black panther president.


  6. Petermc3 Says:

    A black man killing a white cop is not an act of racism. A black man being tried, convicted and sentenced for killing a white cop is an overt act or racism. Those of us who have followed this case for the past 30 years are disgusted that so many fellow americans in various capacities of our legal system as well as the freaks in Hollywood, the majority of blacks in government and black race associations such as the NAACP have in the past and continue to unabashedly prostrate themselves for a cold blooded killer. Shame on what this country has become.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Very well said. Danny’s wife remains faithful to her husband in keeping the facts of the case out there. If not so, he would no doubt be free. The freekies in this country no nothing of this case, yet glom on to it as a Cause celeb.


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