Syrian Emergency Task Force dumps disposable O’Bagy

The Syrian Emergency Task Force, a group of Syrians lobbying for American intervention, needed a American front woman with outside credentials. After the Institute for the Study of War dumped Elizabeth O’Bagy and her credibility was shot, the SETF didn’t need her anymore.

It was never about Ms O’Bagy’s credentials or lack thereof. It was about we as Americans being played. Played by McCain – or perhaps his senility got in the way of his judgement, the Obama regime who paid the freight for her “unbiased scientific work”, and most importantly many of the neocons who had to or should have known better than to mix with the Institute for the Study of War which includes funding by the Government as well as military contractors. Who are the Board Directors?

Directors included: Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney and founder of the right-wing advocacy group Keep America Safe; William Kristol, editor of the neoconservative flagship magazine the Weekly Standard; Jack Keane, a retired four-star general who coauthored with Frederick Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute “Choosing Victory,” a 2007 study that served as a blueprint for the so-called “surge” in Iraq; Dennis Showalter, a military historian; Hal Hirsch; Bill Roberti; and Kim Kagan.

And who supports this organization”

 “According to ISW’s last annual report,” noted Consortium News in December 2012, now is backed by national security contractors, including major ones like Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and CACI, as well as lesser-known firms such as DynCorp International, which provides training for Afghan police, and Palantir, a technology company founded with the backing of the CIA’s venture-capital arm, In-Q-Tel. Palantir supplies software to U.S. military intelligence in Afghanistan.”[18]

For the full rant, check out my earlier post: Liz Cheney, Elizabeth O’Bagy, Military contractors- a toxic brew

Now, back to the news of the dumping of Ms O’Bagy:

“The Syrian Emergency Task Force announced officially today that Elizabeth O’Bagy is no longer working with the organization,” the group’s executive director Mouaz Moustafa said Monday. “Although the SETF deeply regrets the poor judgment exercised by Ms. O’Bagy in misstating her credentials, we stand by her research on the realities on the ground in Syria. The mission of the Syrian Emergency Task Force is to educate the American public and policy makers on the Syrian crisis and to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrians in need.”

Mouaz Moustafa is a good deal worse than Elizabeth O’Bagy as documented earlier.

Senator McCain called Moustafa a “patriot”, but it’s not clear which country he’s a patriot of, since it’s not Mouaz Moustafa’s first time around on the regime change bus tour.

Before the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Moustafa was the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America, which like the SETF existed to help push regime change. Before that, he mentions working with “rebels” in Egypt. His Twitter account frequently features anti-Israel material, including calls for a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. On his YouTube account, he “liked” a video featuring Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, “crying while praying”.

O’Bagy is disposable and proved to be disposable. It’s the SETF that matters.

More at Front Page Mag

11 Responses to “Syrian Emergency Task Force dumps disposable O’Bagy”

  1. Senator McCain Hires Elizabeth O'Bagy - OK Politechs Says:

    […] Bunkerville has the details on O’Bagy’s ouster at the Institute and also The Syrian Emergency Task Force.  Apparently, being fired for lying about your credentials is irrelevant to Senator McCain if the documentation you create helps him with his position on the use of military force in Syria.  The fact that she was a lobbyist for the Syrian rebels was never mentioned when McCain and others were quoting her work on the Senate floor to support their positions. McCain’s office has said there would be no further comment on the matter.  They obviously know there will raised eyebrows over his obvious political back-scratching. […]


  2. Charles M. Phipps Says:

    McCain calling her a patriot is just laughable. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. I could not have more respect for McCain the military man, but as a politician he’s the one of the biggest traitors to ever have a leadership position in the Republican Party. It’s reached the point where anything that man wants to do, we’re safe in assuming that exactly the opposite is what’s best for the country.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    O’Bagy was here for a reason, to push action against the Assad regime. Once she was discredited she was no longer useful and now she has been disposed but she did serve her purpose. Another useful idiot!


  4. Petermc3 Says:

    First of all, your name is O’Bagy and you don’t change it once you’ve reached majority, you deserve to be thrown under the bus. More importantly we see rather clearly the collusion between government contractors and those we were led to believe had the country’s best interests in mind. We now know we can put more trust in a Las Vegas whore, Harry Reid excluded, than these creepy, greedy, self absorbed elitists.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Up to now I had some faith that the reporting from the above mentioned conservative folks, and had decent cred. Now it is clear they make their pacts with the devil himself. I am through with all of them.


  5. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    War makes a lot of money for some people. Eisenhower warned us; but, as usual, few listened.


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