Bloomberg: ‘I am going to slow down the elevator’

Instead of outrage, there is merely the slow desensitization of Americans that this is the new normal. The government intruding into every single aspect of our lives. If one prefers a dictatorship, NYC and Bloomberg show us the way. So we slow down the elevators, place them in out-of-the-way locations. What could go wrong. Best part? This is the new “Low Income housing” that we are supporting. Oopsie, “Affordable Housing” apparently the new term.

The article stated that the “affordable housing” development features murals and music along the stairway, with elevators located farther away from the front door that are “programmed to move at a slow pace.”

The design of the 124-unit, $37.7 million building not only encourages using the stairs but offers a free gym, an outdoor fitness park with exercise machines and a flower garden for children, adults and senior citizens. The building also has an indoor garage.

Arbor House’s outdoor fitness park sports “a tai chi spinner” for senior citizens who move the wheels with their arms, leg presses and a giant-size chess board with 4-foot tall chess pieces children can pick up and move.

The indoor gym has stationary children’s bikes with video games attached to a screen.

The New York Daily News reported on July 17 that the billionaire mayor has an elevator in his $30 million townhouse. – I just thought I would point that out.

As part of his ongoing campaign to transform New York City into what he calls “Fit City,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg is promoting “active design” for low-income housing developments being built there, including plans to prompt residents to use the stairs and rooftop gardens for growing “healthy” foods.

In 2010, the Bloomberg Administration and other public and private sector groups issued the “Active Design Guidelines,” which promotes car-free neighborhoods, encourages “physical movement” inside buildings and “improves access to nutritious food.”

In March, the 124-unit, $37.7 million Arbor House was opened in the Bronx, according to a July 31 Newsday report. Check out the full story if you want to be outraged.


“One witty slogan posted on a staircase door reads: ‘If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise,’” the Newsday article stated.

The Arbor also features a 10,000 square foot, rooftop hydroponic garden where vegetables will be grown, the article stated.

“If this building was five miles south in Manhattan it would be a luxury building,” Les Bluestone, co-founder and partner of Blue Sea Developmen.


16 Responses to “Bloomberg: ‘I am going to slow down the elevator’”

  1. Phil Johnson Says:

    Low Income…I mean affordable housing – has anyone done the math? $304,032 per unit. In the days of more moderate qualifying standards and more normal interest rates, a 300k price tag would require an income of around $160,000, with reasonable ancillary indebtedness. The liberal mindset and their associated initiatives remind me of the movie, The Blob. Just keeps growing and growing, devouring everything in its sights.


  2. Cheryl Pass Says:

    Well, we know who is living in “Fat City” while the rest of the sheeple get the shaft, don’t we? (Pun intended ).


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    “Program people to move at a slower pace.” That is the key quote in my opinion. We saw this same mindset with Obama’s car czar who stated we must “coerce people out of their vehicles.” For some reason the left feels it is their duty to tell us how to behave. When did it become acceptable for the government to involve itself in out personal behaviors? What is most disturbing is the fact that so many Americans don’t seem to have a problem with this type of government intrusion.


  4. Pmc3 Says:

    All things being equal the building should be rendered unfit for human habitation before the next presidential election.


  5. Brittius Says:

    I have been in those elevators in housing projects while answering calls. So let me ask, does this mean that people will get to savor the smell of piss, longer?


  6. Jim at Asylum Watch Says:

    I wonder how much walking and stair climbing Mr. Blooomberg does? Sadly, control freaks like him are everywhere in our governmentd.


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