Sebelius looking for Hookah Smoking Machine

Something for a Saturday. Creative folks over at NIH. I wonder who came up with this idea? Glad to know our government has their eye out for whatever equipment can get the job done. Well, maybe I stretched the headline a bit. But it is NIH which is under her.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is interested  in buying a “Shisa smoke machine.”

“The purpose of this contract is Purchase of Shisha smoke machine and  LX1 cigarette smoke machine,” the NIH, a division of the Department of  Health and Human Services, said in a notice on Aug. 2.

The machine “replicates water-pipe smoking” and can trap nicotine,  tar and carbon monoxide to be analyzed to “to better understand exposure  to individuals,” the NIH said. The agency said the machine will allow them to monitor  individuals with a “larger puff range” than traditional smoke machines,  with exhales up to 8 seconds. – See more

More at CNS

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