Obama to buy back land 2x size of MA to give to Indians

Something for a feel good Friday. Typical redistribution. Another settlement of a lawsuit. Translation: One “threatens” a lawsuit but it is really a wink wink. Then the government reaches the so-called settlement. This is what the EPA has been doing as well. Sierra threatens, then Obama caves. The difference? It was 2010 and the Dems were more than willing go along. Black reparations of our land next . You betcha. Recall these ones?

Pigford: Nothing but reparations to Blacks, Women, Hispanics who claim to be farmers  February 26, 2011

The Obama administration is offering at least $1.3 billion to settle complaints from female and Hispanic farmers who say they faced discrimination from the Agriculture Department. Washington Post

Senate approves $4.5B payment to Native Americans, black farmers and the Sherrods November 20, 2010– yes, 2010 was a very good year.

Already, the number of people who have been paid and are still seeking payment will likely exceed the 26,785 black farmers who were considered to even be operating back in 1997, according to USDA. That’s the year the case initially began as Pigford v. (then Agriculture Secretary) Glickman and sources predicted that, at most, 3,000 might qualify.

But I digressed!

(UPI) — The U.S. government is gearing up to  spend nearly $2 billion on 10 million acres of land that will in turn be given  back to Native American tribes. (Twice the size of Massachusetts).

Congress agreed to the buyback in 2010 to settle a lawsuit.

“We can improve Indian Country if people will go along with this program and  sell their interests back to their tribes,” Kevin Washburn, the head of the  Bureau of Indian Affairs, said in an interview.

The plan entails buying back reservation land from willing sellers and  distributing that land among 150 tribes across the nation, the McClatchy  Newspapers reported Sunday.

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