Boehner stonewalling Benghazi investigation to cover-up his own involvement?

There is an allegation that Boehner is in on what went down in Benghazi. It would be easy to pass it off even though it makes sense of why there is no concerted effort by Boehner to get to the bottom of it. But we have Pat Cadell, no GOP operative, and Mark Levin going full-bore taking this position. So here we go with Mofopolitics take:

Pat Caddell alleges that  collaborator John Boehner has been “purposely” stonewalling the Benghazi investigation…

We have John Boehner, who has been purposely suppressing anything about Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week…and he approved it!

Obama’s “rebels” (in Syria) are AL QAEDA terrorists.

How does Obama keep shipping them weapons… without getting impeached?

Pat Caddell explains it!

Mark Levin comes to terms with that which has been obvious for months: That Marxist collaborator John Boehner has no intention of getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi…

We have to draw a very sad conclusion: John Boehner does NOT want to know what took place in Benghazi. And I’m honestly starting to think that he’s cut some kind of deal with Obama.

H/T: Mofopolitics

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