Obama: ‘Al Qaeda is most definitely on the run’ as Obama puts his tail under his butt

I am breaking one of my resolutions that I would not include any vids of our Dictator. It is just too much to bear. But after hearing that we are turning tail and running from the so-called terrorists that we had “put on the run”, I just could not resist. When are we going to stand tall and defend ourselves and our sovereign land upon which our embassies and consulates stand? When?

U.S. defense officials said there have been no shifts of assets in response to the embassy closures. Defense officials noted that in recent months the Marine Corps has built up quick reaction forces in the region, in large measure to respond to threats against embassies and other diplomatic outposts. But what the heck, let us just pack it in and give them our embassies.

Here we go:

WASHINGTON—Al Qaeda re-emerged as a top global security threat after suspected plots by an affiliate of the terror group led the State Department to issue a world-wide travel alert for the entire month of August.

Senior U.S. officials said they were particularly focused on Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, saying the affiliate was plotting attacks that Washington feared could be executed in the Middle East, Africa or beyond.

The State Department, in addition to shutting embassies in countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, warned that tourist resorts, bus and rail systems and airlines could be targets, standard language that accompanies such alerts.

AQAP has successfully honed bombing technology that has previously threatened U.S.-bound air travel on passenger and cargo planes, making the organization one of the prime threats facing America and Yemen—and making Yemen of the most frequently targeted sites of the U.S. drone campaign.


Last year a recurring theme in Obama’s campaign was that Al Qaeda was on the run or similar. Variants include Al Qaeda was decimated or they were on the path to defeat. So if that is the case then how did Al Qaeda break out some 500 members from two Iraqi prisons. Al Qaeda is most definitely on the run as Obama wanted the sheeple to believe Somalia, Iraq and Syria just to name 3.

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