Mark Levin on Obama and the Trayvon Martin trial

No better words to be said then what Mark Levin said on last night’s program regarding the “trial of the century”. Wander over to his website for his audio rewind to hear it in its entirety. They have played the race card one too many times. Sometime I will tell you what it was like to have a trio of black men rob me as they put a knife in my back. But that is for another day. Yea, I profile real good now.

“I’m ashamed of this President. I think he’s a disgrace. I’m ashamed of this Attorney General. I think he’s a disgrace. They have no respect for you. I don’t care what your color is. They have no respect for this country. None.” Mark Levin



7/19/13 – Mark Levin found absolutely nothing laudable about President Obama’s impromptu remarks Friday afternoon about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. He charged that Obama doesn’t consider the presidency to be an honor, and that he still doesn’t believe America is a great country. Levin declared, “I’m ashamed of this president. I think he’s a disgrace.”

He found it mind-boggling how Obama always seems to be “ripping at the fabric of the nation” with negative comments about the United States,” and dismissed the idea that the Zimmerman case was about race to begin with. Levin cited how plenty of minorities are “pouring over our borders,” and asked why they would do so is America is supposedly the bigoted country that he says Obama made it out to be.

Levin ranted about how Obama must have seen up close the goodness and tolerance of the American people, but he still talks like this. He shouted, Why must he lower himself into the gutter with Al Sharpton?” He said that Obama clearly does not feel honored to be the president, and made his disgust with the Commander-in-Chief perfectly clear.

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